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Banana Cream Pie Protein

Weekly Intro!! 👋 👋

This was only my second full week at home since the beginning of August, so I’ve been busy catching up on my YouTube and social media content!
I’m doing one more show this season... stay tuned for an announcement coming soon! 👀 👀


Banana Cream
Pie Eating Contest??
🍌 🥧 🍌 🥧

Beckyn almost beat the boys!
Check out the full contest below:


🚨 New Flavor Alert: Banana Cream Pie 🍌 🥧

Max Effort Muscle released its new Banana Cream Pie protein... and y’all this might be my favorite flavor they’ve ever made!
We came up with a really simple recipe for these that you can check out above. Super easy & simple! 
After we finished, we brought a few of these to the Max Effort HQ for a pie eating contest! 😋

The Ingredients


Blonde Oreos

Fat Free Whipped Topping

Keebler Graham Cracker Crust

6 oz of Carb Master Banana Cream Pie Yogurt

1 scoop Max Effort Tri-Blend Banana Cream Pie Protein

The Recipe

Add yogurt and protein in a bowl... mix 'er up!

Slice up the bananas & place two slices in each cup

Add a spoonful of the yogurt + protein concoction on top

Add whipped topping

Add crumbled Oreos on top

Add another layer of yogurt + protein concoction

Add more whipped topping and a banana slice to finish it off!!

Throw it in the freezer


🪨 Delt-Focused Boulder Shoulder Superset! 💪

Try this super quick & efficient delt-focused superset to boulder up those shoulders!!

👉 View the Demo

#1 Front Raises
#2 Steering Wheels
#3 Press-outs

👉 All you need is a 10-lb. plate
👉 Aim for 15-20 reps per movement
👉 Use a neutral grip for both movements 

Full Minnesota
Show Recap!

Full Minnesota Show Recap!

 👉 Check out the recap!

Two weekends ago, Beckyn and I made the trip to Minnesota and dominated the stage!
I took home my first IFBB pro bikini first callouts and Beckyn won the NPC Bikini overall title to become Miss Minnesota Bikini!


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