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Welcome back!

Welcome to the Kiki Weekly Newsletter!

We’re a few weeks into the New Year 🎉 🎉 How are those resolutions holding up?

Feeling unmotivated? Visit my #IWANTABZ blog posts!

Remember, consistency is a superpower once you master it! I’m in the last few weeks of my improvement season before I announce my show lineup, and I’m making the most of it!

This week, we have some great content for you on Anabolic Fasting for women, getting jacked arms, and new LFG 6 programming coming soon.


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🥗 Anabolic Fasting for Women 

💪 Getting jacked arms 

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Anabolic Fasting -

Anabolic Fasting - FOR WOMEN!

My client and best friend Beckyn has been following AF 102 throughout her bikini improvement season. We’ve documented what an AF 102 day looks like for her and how she also gets to enjoy herself on the weekend!

The best kind of diet is the one that gets you results AND is sustainable in the long term. That's exactly what you're getting with Anabolic Fasting.

👉 Learn more about Anabolic Fasting


Defined & Ripped Triceps
ft. Coach Tredway

Defined & Ripped Triceps ft. Coach Tredway

In case you didn't know, Coach Tyler Tredway is a bit of a master when it comes to the bench press and overall tricep training.

Sooo it looks like Mr. Small Armz Danny might have some competition in the Max Effort Muscle ARMZ race!

In this video, Coach Tredway gives us the full lowdown on how to use skullcrushers to get jacked!

Who doesn't want more defined & toned triceps?? 💪💪


LFG 6 Debuts in
Less than 2 Weeks!

LFG 6 Debuts in Less than 2 Weeks!

Need a training program for the #IWANTABZ contest or just in general? I got you!

For the rest of the #IWANTABZ contest, I’ll be releasing new Gym and At Home LFG programs at the same time as CoryG releases his #IWANTABZ Get Stacked plans!

If you haven’t signed up, there’s still 4 weeks left to enter the transformation contest that has over 50K in prizes.

👉 Here's how to sign up!


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