Kiki Weekly Newsletter | 10.5.22

Kiki & Beckyn - Minnesota Show

💥 Weekly Intro 💥

It was a BIG weekend for this Kiki-Beckyn duo!

Both of us crossed off some major goals at our show in Minnesota! As you all know, I’ve been aiming for first callouts at the pro level this year, and I FINALLY did it!!

I took home fourth place against a really strong lineup, and I’m so happy with the overall package I brought 😀


Kiki Minnesota Show 2022


Beckyn killed it!!

Beckyn is from Minnesota originally, so she’s had this show circled all year. She absolutely crushed it and took home her class win and the overall!

Truly such an awesome moment as her coach and friend to see her become Miss Minnesota Bikini!

Kiki & Beckyn Minnesota Show


What it's like to compete in your first bikini competition 👙

I get asked all the time what it’s like to step on stage, and it’s honestly hard to describe!

But, we recently caught up with my long-time client Gina who just did her first show a few weeks ago. I started working with Gina as a lifestyle client a couple of years ago when she was new to lifting weights and macros, and she’s now a seasoned competitor!

Favorite candy... what's your go-to?

Reese Pumpkins



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