Kiki Weekly Newsletter | 12.7.22


Welcome back to
Kiki Weekly!

Welcome to Kiki Weekly - 12.7.22

In this week's edition...

👉 "Sloppy" Chicken Meal Prep 🐔

👉 How to build an affordable home gym 🏋️‍♀️

👉 Why one weekend of eating &
drinking won't kill your progress! 📈

👉 Getting ready for the 2023 #IWANTABZ
Transformation Contest - and my go-to stack! 🔥


How to Build an
Affordable Home Gym

How to Build an Affordable Home Gym

In this video, Beckyn and I take you through some must haves for your home gym. It's good to know what to have on hand if you can't make it to the gym!

We're talking about booty bands (wide variety), Glutezilla, ab mat, ab wheel, Monkey Feet, dumbbells and more!

With the winter weather on deck, I always suggest my clients have some of these just in case you get snowed in! ❄️ ❄️


"Sloppy" Chicken
Meal Prep 🍗

"Sloppy" Chicken Meal Prep

We back!

The “infamous” Ohio concession stand/potluck sandwich is on REPEAT in the McClellan household for weekly meal prep and I am sharing it with the guys at Max HQ today too! 

Gotta keep the boys well fed as they work to build Max Effort to the top! 🚀

  • Place Chicken Breast in a slow cooker (use however many lbs of protein you need) and season with S&P 
  • Cook on low for 3-4 hours until chicken is shreddable 
  • Drain excess juices and shred the chicken
  • Mix in 1 can of No Fat Added Cream of Chicken Soup and some sort of Binder 
    • I used two slices of white bread here but you can use anything you may have on hand. I’ve used crackers, bread crumbs, stuffing mix, and even potato chips before!
    • You are looking for a semi-thick mixture that will hold up on some buns 
    • **Nutritional information may vary slightly depending on what you use
  • Cover and cook for additional 30 minutes or so
  • Enjoy NOW or save it in the fridge for meals this week!  
  • It’s traditionally served on Buns but I can attest that it tastes great on simple rice or potatoes too (especially if you are GF!) 


One Weekend Won't Screw Up Your Progress! 📈

One Weekend Won't Screw Up Your Progress!

Mental & Physical Reset for Long-Term Gainz

If you're familiar with CoryG's Anabolic Fasting protocols, you know that the weekends can be a bit more flexible... meals, drinks and more fun!

It's important to know that these "intuitive" days serve a purpose - both mentally & physically.

For example... this past weekend I ate freely both Friday night and Saturday. I'm talking a freezer food night with lots of sweets on Friday, and fried chicken & biscuits, mimosas, cocktails, tacos, and more sweets on Saturday 😋

On Sunday, I jumped back on my normal meals and woke up Monday morning for check-ins with Coach Jonelle down a pound from last week!

So, what happened??

Not only did my body physically respond well to the volume of food, but I also got a much-needed mental break. Not having to track or stay 100% on plan helped my body’s cortisol levels drop. All these factors contributed to seeing that drop in weight on the scale. 

Mentally I feel refreshed and looking forward to crushing it this week with my new Improvement season training at OSG! 


2023 #IWANTABZ Contest is Almost Here!! 📆

#IWANTABZ 2023 Transformation Contest

It’s almost time!

I’m excited to work with CoryG and the Max Effort Team again this year for the contest to encourage more women to sign up.

More details to come next week, but the prizes this year are pretty legit! 

My Current Go-To XL Stack with Max

  • Stim-Free Fat Burner 
  • Pre Workout 
  • Amino Recovery
  • Fruits
  • Greens

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