Kiki Weekly Newsletter | 8.31.22

Weekly Update 🧨 🧨

Another week, another show!

Kiki Weekly Newsletter - 8.31.22

Back 2 Back Peak Weeks 😮 😮

I did back-to-back peak weeks (I’ll go deep on this topic soon!), and I competed this past weekend in Charleston, SC at the NPC Excalibur Championships! This was another stacked field with two women that are already qualified for this year’s Olympia. 

Up to 9th Place!! 📈

I made several changes this week to my overall package, and I improved my position to 9th! I was very close to getting first callouts this time, so I’m really happy with the overall progress. For now, it’s one week off for me before another show!

This weekend, I’ll be in full Coach Kiki mode as we head to Pittsburgh for the NPC North Americans, a national show with pro cards on the line!

My partner in crime Beckyn will be competing this weekend in Pittsburgh, and it’s hard to believe it but it’s actually her first national show! Head over to her Instagram to hype her up! 


Full Nashville Show Recap!! 🎶 🎶 

Nashville Show Recap

📽️ Watch Full Recap Here!

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like when two bikini competitors travel to a show together, then we’ve got the video for you! Beckyn and I both competed in Nashville two weeks ago, and that meant a road trip since it’s about six hours away. 

A lot of clients ask questions about how to properly prepare when on prep, so we made this video to give you an idea of what it’s like packing/traveling to a show and how to eat and maintain everything properly along the way. 🚙 🧳 😋


Glue Exercise Spotlight: Deficit Curtsy Lunge 🍑 

Great way to...

🔥 Target the glutes

🔥 Increase glute time under tension

Us bikini girls are always targeting our glutes, and this exercise has become one of my favorites. It takes a lot of focus and mind muscle connection, but it’s an absolute burner. 

The Deficit Curtsy Lunge is one that I love to program for my girls to really get them some time under tension throughout the leg while targeting the glutes.


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