10 Places.

10 Prizes.

1 Rolex. 


Contest Duration & Prizes

12 Weeks
Registration Opens - January 4th
Registration Closes - January 18th
1st Place - Rolex Watch valued at $8,922.20
2nd Place - $5,000
3rd Place - $3,000
4th Place - $1,000 Gift Card
5th Place - $750 Gift Card
6th Place - $500 Gift Card
7th Place - $250 Gift Card
8th Place - Free XL Stack
9th Place - Free XL Stack
10th Place - Free Regular Stack

Important Note

Your entry will be disqualified if:
- Entry requirements are not met
- Submission requirements are not met

Entry Requirements

- Be a valid member of CoryG Fitness for the duration of the contest
- Must Purchase an XL Stack from Max Effort by January 31, 2021
Once you sign-up, download the CoryG App!
Once the App is downloaded, Submit your Before Photos, Starting Weight, and Goals.  You're good to go!

Process for Submission

*Completed on the CoryG Fitness App under the #IWANTABZ Tab
#1 Before Photos - Front, Side, Back
*Piece of paper with your FULL NAME, CURRENT DATE, AND "2021 #IWANTABS" needs to be in all three photos
#2 Beginning Weight
#3 Why do you want to win this competition?
#4 Video Needed
As an extra layer of security, we request that you retain a video with the following:
- State your name -
- Show your weigh-in - 
- Show your front/side/back photos -
**If you make the Top 10, we will request this video**
#1 Final Photos - Front, Side, Back
#2 Ending Weight
#3 Testimonial, what you learned, etc.