Mastering these 4 Keys to Succeed Past January

Mastering these 4 Keys to Succeed Past January

Get past January!

It's worth acknowledging the statistics that often indicate a decline in commitment to new habits... especially in January, right? January 12 is literally referred to as "Quitters Day!"

So, how do you get past January 12 with those awesome new habits you've committed yourself to? Here are five keys to help keep you on the rails of success in 2024 👇👇


1. Sustainable Diet/Nutrition

Commit to a sustainable and balanced approach to nutrition. Going with a balanced approach versus a restrictive approach will help get you the long-term results you want.

Plan your meals ahead, follow a plan such as CoryG's Anabolic Fasting, and don't fly off the handle when you have a cheat meal. Remember, consistency is key.


2. A workout routine you can stick with

Create a workout routine that meshes your lifestyle and preferences. Whether it's strength training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), or a combination of both. The best plan is the plan that you can stick to. 


3. Daily conditioning is crucial

Cardiovascular exercise is crucial for overall health and fitness. Hate to break it to you, but human beings were made to move.

Incorporate daily conditioning into your routine. Whether it's hill walks, rucking, or walking lunges. Get that heart rate up and get moving.


4. Proper Supplementation

First things first... there's NO MAGIC PILL. That being said, supplements can most definitely help you realize your health & fitness goals faster if you have everything in line (i.e. diet, workouts, conditioning). Max Effort can help.


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