21 Day Busy Diet

- Create new healthy habits -
- Drop some fat and lb's -
- Get on the right track! -

21 Day Busy AF Diet

CoryG's Results

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Busy Diet Results:


I'm loving all the items in this stack! They're all helped by keeping me full and focused throughout the day.

Dominique B

Great Taste. I am enjoying the products and the protein powder and greens taste great!

Julie T.

Amazing. This stuff tastes great, makes me feel even better!

Tyler D.

Love this shit! Diet on point all week GS I want abs level 3 tonight had Fajitas and Margaritas as a reward for great week. Body weight 170 from 182 in two weeks still feeling good
strong and energy levels are good. I love the greens and now got some people at work jumping in. Let's fuckin Lg GO!!!

John S.

Highlights of busy diet:

Feel amazing and starting to see my
definition come back in.

Biggest highlight:

My mom who decided to do it with me is down 15lbs and pants that were tight on her she now needs a belt for.

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