3 Ways to “JUMP” Off the Fence to Do The #IWANTABZ Contest!


#1 Forcing the Structure

By forcing structure you get better automatically. Let's be honest... we ALL need structure. Some more than others.

Did you play sports growing up? Okay cool, and how did you execute and win each season? You had a coach, a routine, a practice time, and a team. 

Your coach is you. Your routine is your schedule for training, nutrition, and supplements. Your practice time is nonnegotiable training, conditioning, and personal development. Your game day is the competition deadline.

Force the structure.


#2 No Downside

Let's put it this way... chances are you aren't going to get any worse than you are right now by signing up for the 2023 #IWANTABZ contest.

Even if you dial in just a little bit, you will get better. View your 12-week transformation as an educational experience. It's a continuous process of learning how your body and mind works. 

Increased awareness = stronger mentality, stronger body.


#3 Become a Part of a Community

There is nothing like creating momentum and being a part of something. That's what we do at CoryG Fitness and Max Effort Muscle. We're a tribe that all want to be a part of something together. There's a common goal, and we all want to get better.

There is a common goal here & we all wanna get better.

So the question is do you wanna stay the same?


➡️ #IWANTABZ Sign-up Details

#IWANTABZ Sign-up Details

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