7 Negative Emotions to Avoid

7 Negative Emotions to Avoid

#1 Jealousy

Jealousy creeps in and steals all joy.

If you're constantly worrying about what someone else has, then you're missing it.

This time should be spent working on yourself.

Stop wishing. Stop hating.

Take action. Become a winner.


#2 Anger

Personally, anger is a weird emotion for me.

I used to use anger to fuel me - mostly in a negative way.

Finger pointing and playing the blame game is only going to build up more anger.

If anger is the driver behind your behaviors, you'll never win.


#3 Greed

I never want what I didn’t earn.

Always thinking you need more is a sickness. The word "enough" seems to never exist.

Stay rooted.


#4 Fear

Fear is a made up emotion.

Everyone gets scared, it's just a part of being human. It's your body's protective response.

Taking calculated risks is the key to not letting fear take over.


#5 Hatred

Hatred takes the best off the path.

It's distracting, it makes you unfocused, and it displays a lack of confidence.

Stick to yourself, and the hate leaves your body.


#6 Revenge

I’ve always worked with a healthy chip on my shoulder. I wasn't seeking revenge over a specific someone though.

Revenge flirts the line of motivation and hate. Using this emotion can be powerful, but tricky. Be careful how you use it.


#7 Superstition

What you're born into isn’t your defined path.

Who raises you isn’t what you destined to be or not to be.

You owe you. Blaze your own path.


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