How I Eliminate Self-Doubt

How I Eliminate Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is impossible to 100% eliminate, but there are certainly tools, tactics, and strategies for minimizing it. I believe that you can out-work self-doubt to some degree. How do you do that? It's a potion mix of work ethic, strategy, habits, and positive self-talk.


Work ethic

I learned the value of hard work early on because everyone in my family was blue collar. That's all I was exposed to. Everyone worked grueling, long hours, and took few days off.

But, no one liked their job.

My goal was to take what I learned from them, then apply it to what I love to do.



What was my confidence strategy?

I learn by action and by doing. I'm not a bookworm - never have been. It's not my jam, and I don't learn nearly as well.

I view myself as a science project. I throw a bunch of variables at the wall to see what sticks - aka to see what works best. As they say, the proof is in the pudding.



A long time ago I heard that it takes around 21 days to create a habit. Whether this is 100% true is unimportant.

What is important is taking consistent action and being disciplined. By adding what works and subtracting what doesn't work, you get one step closer to finding your winning formula.

Finding what works and executing that plan consistently over time is what builds powerful momentum.



I'm not advocating for you to talk shit to yourself, but I do think that everyone needs to be a little more honest with themselves.

If you're being too soft, then the consistency and discipline will fall off, no question. Don't be afraid to call yourself out!

I tell myself all the time, "You were meant to do big things, so expect more out of yourself."

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