How I Found My Why by CoryG

How I Found My Why by CoryG

When I think back to my childhood, I can think of many things I wanted to change. Here's 6 things I would change:

#1 Job happiness 

Growing up, I saw my parents struggle with jobs they didn't enjoy, such as coal mining, truck driving, and waiting tables, in order to support us.

Though I admired their hard work to make ends meet, I never wanted to experience the same lack of fulfillment. I wanted a job that was both challenging and rewarding.


#2 Financial literacy

I never heard anyone speak of money in a favorable way during my childhood. There was always a sense of lack, and my father's gambling addiction further complicated the financial decisions being made.

There was never a consideration for the future.


#3 Becoming my own boss

I had difficulty submitting to authority without substantial evidence that you were living the life. However, I was open to being coached if I thought you were knowledgeable

I was always aware that I was likely to eventually pursue my own path in life, and that happened when I was 20.


#4 Never missing events & games

My dad especially missed almost all of my games because he was working, and my mom had a hard time getting there a lot too due to their struggles to make ends meet. I didn't want this to be an issue for me. 


#5 Double parent home

When I was 11, my parents' separation was a difficult experience for me, as it is for all children in similar situations. I wanted to take every measure to ensure that I would not replicate this cycle in my own life.

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence that is often in the best interest of the parents, but can be difficult for the children.


#6 Consistent father figure

I wanted my kids to be aware that they could rely on me to instruct and back them up. I wanted them to understand that I am here to demonstrate to them what can be accomplished in life.



I want to help change future generations of Gregorys for the better. I'm determined to make that happen with the accomplishments and decisions I make in this life.

I want my grandchildren to look back on me fondly and proudly say, "Grandpa was a G!"

This is what motivates me.

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