Quit Running 3 Miles & Doing Spin Class 45 Minutes Every Day

Quit Running 3 Miles & Doing Spin Class 45 Minutes Every Day

I had a 40+ year old male client that was stuck at 220 pounds

He physically looked the same despite working out super hard every day.

This is what I told him...

Quit Running 3 miles & Doing Spin Class 45 minutes each day.


But why did I say that?

Think about this for a second... how many guys do you see out there with a belly, no butt, and skinny arms? P.S. you're going to notice this more and more every time you go out.

That's exactly what was going on with this guy. And he's not alone. This physique type plagues men of all ages.

More cardio is NOT the solution.


So, what's happening here?

When I see this problem, it screams to me: "Low testosterone!" This is because you're storing more fat in your stomach and losing muscle mass in your legs. Spoiler-alert: your legs are your largest muscle group and your ultimate lifeline over the long-term.


What I told him to do

Stop all the conditioning and go to a basic 40/20 setup. 40 minutes of lifting weights and 20 minutes of walking lunges every day. No stepping between lunge steps and your back knee has to touch the ground on every rep. That's it.

He was willing to give it a shot because he was tired of how he looked and felt. And the results he wanted simply weren't there.

The 20 minutes of continuous walking lunges will stimulate muscle growth and mass in your legs. Not only that, but your natural hormone production will be back on a healthy track.

This means you'll go from skinny-fat and weak, to fat-burning machine and strong. You're building a machine.


Here's what happened

In just 45-60 days he was already down 20 lbs and lunging half a mile each day. His metabolism was on absolute fire. He was still playing basketball a few times a week, but he gave up the endless running and spinning that was working against him.

The moral of the story?

Don’t be the guy with a belly and no ass. Get your training together and build a human machine that makes you feel like a boss.

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