Rules I Follow to Keep My Discipline in Check For Success

by Max Effort Muscle

Rules I Follow to Keep My Discipline in Check For Success

#1 No alcohol during the week 

Believe me, I love drinking pints of beer, but I know it does a few things when I drink during the week. It affects my food choices and motivation for the next day's training. Everyone knows it. However, my diet allows it on weekends.


#2 Move every day

Moving every day helps me get rid of my nervous energy, which allows me to be somewhat normal. Many people struggle with anxiety and I think that exercising can be super beneficial with dealing with it. That's why I'm 100% committed to training in some way every day.


#3 No matter what I train at 4am M-F

Getting up at 4am Monday thru Friday is hard, don't get me wrong. This habit alone has made me become more disciplined with my bedtime. The result? I'm way more efficient - especially in the morning.


#4 Planning my meals

Before leaving the house, I make sure to plan out what I am going to eat for the day. Too many people shoot from the hip when it comes to their food choices, and this often leads to subpar results. Don't make this mistake.


#5 Listening to personal development material

When I'm in my car or doing lunges as part of my conditioning, I don't listen to music. Instead, I focus on something that will help me improve - mentally and physically. This helps me become smarter, more confident, and more successful in my business.


#6 When I’m home, I’m home

I'm always doing my best to keep my work and home life separate. That's part of the reason why I get up so early. I cherish my family and want to be with them, but I have to make sure to stay on top of my tasks.


In conclusion

If I don't drink during the week, if I get up earlier, if I exercise daily, if I read and/or listen to audio books, if I plan my meals, and if I spend quality time with family, then I'm more likely to succeed.

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