Why I Quit Running & Started Lunging 10 Years Ago

Why I Quit Running & Started Lunging 10 Years Ago

☠️ Beware... you will be sore for at least 5-7 days when you try this, but your results will be next level 👊

10+ years ago...

I was searching for a new conditioning that would get me diced-up for my cover shoots and bodybuilding shows, but also to keep me strong for my powerlifting meets.

I’m a lifetime drug-free athlete, but I'm always looking for a natural edge.


I’m not a science guy

For starters, I've tried pretty much every type of conditioning out there. Running, sprints, bike, elliptical, stair master, you name it.

Here's what I noticed...

When I ran 3-5 miles per day to get into shape, I always felt weaker, more stringy, and my body was broken down.

What I wanted...

I wanted to be stronger, more jacked and just healthy. So that's when I began to test out lunging for distance after lifting weights. I was applying the GPP (General Physical Preparedness) concept from Westside Barbell to walking lunges.


Walking lunge daily conditioning

When I say I use walking lunges as my daily conditioning, I'm talking about doing 400-800 meters around a track every single day. And yes, your knee must touch the ground on every rep.

Walking lunges changed everything. It was a completely different approach to conditioning. 


Here's what happened

I got more yoked and stronger.

My connective tissue became more durable and stronger. 

My body became an inferno and my metabolism went through the roof.

My general physical preparedness went off the charts. My body felt better, more put together, and I was able to hang with my kids on the basketball court.


#LungeAndLearn was born

I call it #LungeAndLearn. 

You lunge 400-800 meters every day while listening to an audio book or podcast that makes you better. You would be amazed at the library of books that I've went through over the past 10+ years. Not to mention that I've put up some crazy squat numbers too.


How many lunges is that?

We'll squash this one right now... Apple watches are NOT accurate for walking lunge distance. Don't use this as your tracker.

Find a track. Do 400-800 meters so you know what your personal baseline time is. The average 400 meters is 12-15 minutes. The average 800 meters is 24-30 minutes.

My best 400 meters is 7:07. If I can break 18 minutes on an 800, then I'm happy.


More lunge benefits

You will gain more quality muscle after you adapt. Your knees and connective tissue will get stronger. Focus on using proper form.

To be clear, you will be very sore at the beginning. Getting past the first two weeks is an accomplishment in itself. Just know that it gets better. Get through the soreness because what waits for you on the other side is next level.

I’m on a streak of 433+ days in a row right now as I write this, but on days 3-7 I could barely get out of my truck. It happens to everyone, you just have to fight through this adaptation period.


Who lunges?

I’ve had guys & gals use walking lunges to get ready for their military PT tests, baseball players, football players, powerlifters, golfers, country music stars, and other athletes. Literally from all background.

And the best part? It’s something you can literally do anywhere any time. 

Give walking lunges a shot. Go to your local track, knock out 400-800 meters while listening to an audio book or podcast, and commit to a streak to get CRAZY RESULTS.

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