#100 It’s Not About Today

Enjoy the Process

It’s important to enjoy the process because the today isn’t the game changer.  What’s the game changer?  It’s the compound effect of all these days strung together.  Some days are easy, some days are hard.


Continued Consistency

How many times has your day started out hard, then got easier?  Think about how awful those first 10 lunge steps feel sometimes, then the last 400 meters feel amazing. 

I think about the unreal pumps I’m getting from the Get Stacked program.  I’m going through the workout today and thought to myself, “In four weeks, I’m going to be fucking yoked out of my mind.”  That’s a real thought.  It’s a real thought because I know that it’s not about today.

It's about continued consistency.  Continued consistency with those things that I’m committed and dedicated to.  I know it’s going to work because I’ve experimented and tested the process for so long.


Successful Processes

I'm leading you through the process that has made me successful.  I’m still dedicated to that process.  I’m constantly refining that process.  I'm refining the lifestyle because I know it fucking works at the highest level.  

I just started laughing to myself because I know it's not just about today.  I'm enjoying today.  I'm going to push today.  I'm going to work through those mental barriers today, but I'm going to do the same thing tomorrow.  I'm going to do the same thing the day after that.  Four, eight, and then 12 weeks later I’m going to look like a freak show.


You Have to See It

You have to see it in your mind first before you can believe it.  I know because I've been there time and time again.  Have you applied this concept?  If you haven’t, why not?  A lot of people struggle with dialing in a consistent process or getting in a groove.

You're going to have many wins today, you're going to get through it, and you're going to roll to the next day.  As that momentum grows and the compound effect starts to work for you, it gives you the best possible opportunity.  

Sticking with the process on a regular basis gives you the opportunity to be successful.  There’s no hand-outs or entitlement here.  You’re not guaranteed anything, but it’s up to you to put yourself in a better position.


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