#101 What is Success?

How Do You Get There?

There’s no such thing as the overnight success.  What appears to be “overnight” is oftentimes 10 or more years in the making.  People tend to miss this crucial point.  As you dig into the weeds you begin to realize that there are different levels of success.  I’ve been able to experience a level of success due to the actions and habits I’ve developed over my career.  These habits, executed consistently, have yielded me fantastic results.


Seize the Opportunity

Recognize and seize the opportunity.  Develop positive habits such as personal development, Lunge & Learn, and training.  These habits must be non-negotiable, meaning you always do it.  Making a habit non-negotiable demonstrates true commitment.  It’s a choice.



When people ask me if I’m still working out at 4:00am I laugh.  Why do I work out at 4:00am?  I work out early because it’s part of my non-negotiables for success.  It’s the fucking truth.  If I stay dedicated, I know what’s going to happen, so why would I change it?

My workout time is a small choice that I have full control of.  I know that this choice is going to set me up for better success if I follow through.  Making the right choices consistently builds momentum, which in turn creates confidence.  Then, when the opportunity presents itself, I’m all over it.


Connect the Dots

That’s why I can identify with Arnold’s style of teaching.  The same way he became a bodybuilding champion is the same way he became a multimillionaire in business.  He put in the daily action to better equip himself to make decisions and take on risks.  If it didn’t work out the way he planned, it was back to the drawing board to see what needed to be adjusted.

Think about it.  When someone’s heading down the wrong path, look at the decisions they’re making.  Are they continuing to choose the wrong things?  Are they wondering why things aren’t working out?  It all comes back to those choices and habits we make on a daily basis.


Time Involved

Some things aren’t going to go your way.  It’s just a fact.  I know that I do a great job with being consistent with the systems I have in place.  Guess what?  My systems really aren’t that much different from other successful people out there.  They may have their own spin, but the core principles are the same.

Put the time in, build momentum, and hit the tipping point.  Once you hit the tipping point, it’s a wrap.  I’ve felt this point multiple times throughout my career with my businesses and building my body.  I can feel it fucking heating up.  I can feel me getting close to the top.  Once you get to the top, ride that momentum.  Just like in a basketball game when a team gets mad momentum when they go on a run, and the other team is forced to take a time out.  They’re trying to cool the momentum.  Don’t call a time out on yourself.  Don’t self-sabotage yourself.  Don’t think that you’re not worthy.  Put in the work and claim what’s yours!


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