#105 The Greatness of Tom Brady

Throughout my life I never liked Tom Brady because I’m a Steelers fan.  He came back time after time, displaying what it means to be consistent… at the highest level.


The Patriots

Look at the Patriots.  Sometimes you're tired of seeing these dudes win all the time.  It's just one of those things where eventually you develop a hate, because he's such a winner.  Now I'm flipped.  I’m on the other side rooting for him.  He’s over 40 years old and breaking through insurmountable barriers.  It’s inspiring and unbelievable.


Why Cap Yourself?

Then you start to think, "Why am I capping myself on not only what's possible, but what's possible at a later age?"  I've always thought age was just a number. I've always ran with the younger crowd.   

It starts with being consistent and taking care of yourself.  If you do these things, truly amazing things can happen.  Tom Brady is displaying this at the highest level.  Love him or hate him, it’s just what it is.



In sports there's always the debate, LeBron, Jordan, or Kobe?  It’s always a topic.  When it comes to football, there’s NO talk.  It’s Tom Brady.  Shut it down.  It’s just like bodybuilding.  It’s Arnold.  Sure, there are other greats that have won Mr. Olympia, but Arnold’s the King. 

I believe that Tom Brady has fully solidified himself.  He has all these trophies, MVP’s, championships, etc.  He’s asked if he’s coming back next season.  He's like, "Oh yeah, of course I'm coming back.  I'm on top.  You think I'm about to give my spot away now?  Why would I?  I'm still throwing the ball downfield 50 yards.  We're still getting money.  We're getting championships.  We're having fun. We've proven everybody wrong."



Winners win because of consistency.  That's why I love sports.  Even if you don’t like Tom Brady, try to take a note out of his book.  This is coming from someone who didn’t like him for most of his career.  It’s the winner’s win mentality.  His expectations as a leader brought the entire Tampa Bay organization up.  They’re winning and have a new operating system.


Can’t Fake It

You can’t fake leadership.  True leadership is built on consistency and putting in the reps to build confidence.  You have to want it.  You have to want to go to the next level.  That’s what I want for my life, my family, and my squad.  Push for something more, stay hungry, and fucking win.


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