#109 I Don't Know How to Quit

I don’t know how to quit.  A statement of great importance.  We talk about expectations, goals, and the learning process.  I’ve always been the type of person that understood that’s there’s always a solution. 


Three Feet From Gold

I’ve read the teachings of Napoleon Hill numerous times.  The lessons of the story of being three feet from the gold vein is so important to understand.  If you are unfamiliar with the story, here’s my paraphrased version.  Back in the day there was a guy who owned mining machinery.  As a coal miner, I understood that rocks wave.  They don’t go in a straight line.  There would be hills waving up and down underground, just like they would be above ground.  You went up and down, running with the vein.

Well, here’s what happened.  The vein disappeared.  The guy sold all of his mining equipment.  Someone came in and bought all the equipment for cheap, then paid someone who understood geology.  Come to find out, the man was three feet from the vein.  He quit too early.


Every Time

Every time I want to quit I always ask myself, “But how close am I?”  I started to say stuff like “I don’t know how to quit” to myself.  Sure, there are times when you’re not cut out for this or that, or you have to adjust your course, but there’s a clear difference when giving up on something.


Forgoing Surgery

Back when I tore my rotator cuff, I made the unpopular decision to not have surgery.  I made the commitment to myself that I would figure it out.  It was a decision I couldn’t go back on because the rotator cuff was non-operable once I was past the 12-week mark.


My Knees

When it comes to jumping, my knees have given me problems, off and on, for the past 20 years.  When the quarantine rolled around, it gave me the perfect opportunity to figure out what was truly going on.  Through trying new things, studying, and experimenting, I was able to pinpoint why my knees felt like shit after jumping.  I was able to pinpoint the exercises that would help me the most.


The Expectation to Win

You must have the expectation to win and be willing to do what it takes.  It takes discipline, research, education, and time involved until you figure it out.  There’s always a solution.  It may not be the solution you want, but there is one.  It may be a longer process, but it’s out there.


What About You?

Are you getting the results you want?  Are you three feet from gold?  100 meters off on the lunges each day?  Just 8 ounces off on the meals?  Maybe you need more vegetables or fat.

You have to understand that you are your own science project.  The protocol is there.  You just have to dial in the protocol to specifically suit you.  Once you do, it’s over.


Take That Mentality

Apply I Don’t Know How to Quit everywhere in your life.  Take quit out of your life.  Become solution based.  Learn to figure things out.  It didn’t start out this way when I was younger.  It was trial by fire.  As I got more experiences under my belt, I began to understand that there’s always a solution.

Tell yourself that you’re going to figure it the fuck out.  If you’re willing to do what it takes, then you will come out the other side victorious.  You have to be okay with a little uncertainty.  

Read Think and Grow Rich.  That’s where the world of personal development began.  Put together your winning formula to graduate to an elite level.


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