#115 Foundation & Momentum

We’ve all gone through times of feeling great and feeling beat up.  But what’s the game changer?  For me, it’s the Get Stacked plan + 800 meters of walking lunges post-lifting weights.  That's when I look the best.  That's when I feel the best.  That's when my metabolic rate skyrockets.  


The Foundation

Fight to build a sound foundation.  Fight to create the momentum.  It’s not simple or easy.  Everyone has their share of stressors.  Everyone has shit come up.  Everyone has their own fucking issues.  It’s up to you to fight for that baseline, that foundation.  Fight to keep the consistency.


Keep It

Consistency breeds momentum that will carry you and make you feel so much more confident.  I cannot stress this enough.  I know because I’m right there again.  It took me 46 minutes to do my 800 meters of pocket lunges the other day.  It was cold as fuck, my feet felt like blocks of ice, and everything was tight.  But then I got a PR two days later.  Seven days later, another PR.

> Build your stack to help you recover from your training


I Feel It

I look better in the gym.  I feel better at work.  I feel better at home.  I can feel my strength coming back.  I feel the momentum.  I'm fighting for that foundation.  I’m fighting for that month streak of 800 meters. 

I remember around day 150 of my 303-day lunge streak when I met David Goggins.  I had something that I thought was impressive enough to bring up in our conversation.  And he recognized it too.  I could see it in his eyes.


Start Now

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new or old, experienced or inexperienced.  I’ve been doing this shit for damn near a decade now.  I’ve fought to maintain multiple streaks throughout my career.  It comes down to the time involved.  Get started.  Not tomorrow, today.  Lunge today.  It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life.  Get it done.  Push.  Fight for the foundation.  Fight for the momentum.  Fight for the consistency. 

Then take a video.  This is something I’ve done in the past.  When I feel good, I'll talk to myself.  Then that day where I don't feel good, I can watch it back.  It reminds me what I’m doing this for and how it feels to be a winner.



I remember how it feels to confidently sign that paperwork to buy that building.  I remember how it feels to confidently execute that buyout.  I remember how it feels to confidently step in front of that camera and just fucking kill that shit.

Remember how it feels.  It's all based around this.  It's all based around that alarm clock with a no snooze mentality.  It's all based around setting those goals, writing them down, executing, and putting the actions around them.  Not caring if a door shuts.  Just open another one.

That’s what true confidence comes down to.  It’s a hard fight to build a sturdy foundation.  It’s not a linear process.  There’s always bullshit that comes up.  Fight the resistance and stay consistent.  The process is proven.


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