#120 I Need That Push

It’s a puzzle.  Sometimes you get it right, and sometimes you fuck it up.  In the end, you have to figure it out.  It could be training, diet, or injuries, it doesn’t matter.  I’ve operated this way my entire life.  I’ve always lived in the extreme, testing things out to make them my own.


The Price

Sometimes it comes with a price.  I might get banged up from time to time, but experimentation has allowed me to find what works best.  The years of experimenting translated into big results for my group, without getting too banged up along the way.  New levels of strength have been reached.


I Need That Push

I need the feeling of being strong and stable.  Taking a weight you haven’t taken in a while.  Going on a lunge streak.  Being on multiple streaks.  Before, I had zero streaks in play.  I know what happens at day 100.  I become an absolute freak show, and my lifting numbers follow.  It just comes down to solving the puzzle.


Killers Only Mentality

I have a killers-only mentality.  It’s a different vibe when you get through the mental barriers of lunging 800 meters and/or squatting every day.  It’s part of what makes me me.  These are the protocols that made me different than everyone else. 

I look at guys like Todd and Don.  They’re 10 years older than me and still getting after it.  I’m not even close to giving up.  Going through the process of figuring things out has been rewarding.  The process can be uncomfortable at times, but highly fulfilling.  I know what the process yields because I’ve experienced it before, time after time again.


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