#121 PR

Personal Record

PR, aka Personal Record.  What’s it mean?  The process is working.  Will you PR every day?  Of course not.  I just PR’ed my 800-meter time at 18:59, on day 16 of my squats.  I’ve had a few tough days here and there, but everything’s feeling better overall.  The day you hit a PR makes it all worth it, right?  All the shitty days, all the consistency.  You feel active, strong, and ready to push.



Walking lunges have numerous benefits, general physical preparedness being one of them.  A few years ago, I was playing tag with Anden and the grass was wet.  Long story short, I slid, and my knee did some funky stuff.  I really thought I ripped or tore something, especially being a 40-year-old athlete.  Guess what?  The miles and miles of lunges paid off.  My tendons got stronger and more durable.


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