#125 Taking Risks

Takings risks is how you grow.  The way you don't grow is never taking risk.  A lot of people are terrified of taking any sort of risk.  They run the other way.  Where do you fall on the spectrum?


Calculated Risk

When it comes to risk, I take on a calculated approach.  I’m not out here just throwing shit here and there, hoping for the best.  Having a calculated reason why you’re taking on risk will help protect any potential downsides.  Going in blind on some crazy idea that hasn’t show potential can be dangerous.



Ask yourself, “What’s the worst-case scenario look like?”  If I can live with that, then I usually move forward if I believe I’m making a good, calculated risk.  That’s the way I look at it.  I’ll ask myself, "All right, if this thing goes completely south, what do I have to do?  Will I make it through if that happens?" 

If my answer is yes, then I’m more than likely going to give it a shot.  When I make the decision, the decision is made.  The decision to win. 



Why would I think about what I don't want to happen?  It doesn't make any sense.  I learned that from Napoleon Hill 101.  Why contemplate and put thoughts in my brain of things I don't want to happen?  If you do that, guess what will happen?  Those exact things you’re thinking about.

Alternatively, what happens if you focus on the move, the path, and the way you see yourself?  Success.  You’ll have your ups and downs, but steady progress is what you will experience overall.  It happened because I wanted it to happen.  I saw it happen.



I didn't always make the right decisions.  When I push my chips in, it’s game on.  Max Effort, buying out John, and buying a fucking building.  All in.  When I decided to go all-in, that was it.  I had already thought through my decision-making process and went through my worst-case scenario.  The time for thinking was done. 

It even makes me feel weird thinking about it right now.  It’s just not how I operate.  Once the chips are in, it's only on winning.  Do I feel amazing every day?  No.  Does anyone?  No, but my baseline is much higher than the average person because of my habits and routines.  The morning routine, my personal growth material, my nutrition, my training, and my lunges.  It’s completely ingrained into my DNA.



If you ask me, is this going to win?  Motherfucker, yeah, it's going to win because I'm going to force it to win.  Especially with my team and the level of focus.  I’m talking about the killers-only mentality that you must have.  You can’t fake this shit.  It’s either there or it’s not.

Can you learn to operate this way?  Absolutely.  Some people buy in, and some people don’t.  Operating this way is how you go next level.  Taking proper risks is how you grow.  If not, you're staying the same.


Make the Decision

Make your decisions with confidence.  It changes the game entirely.  Make the decision, go.  Then, do everything in your power to make it a success.  You’re going to have people throw bullshit at you along the way.  I still have people say things like, “G, everything you touch turns to gold.”

They keep throwing things like this at you.  That it was easy for you.  Motherfucker, it wasn't easy for me, and it won't be easy for you.  I’m just willing to do what it takes.  Are you?  Are you willing to take the risk?  Are you willing to push?


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