#127 New Opportunities

by Daniel Walter


New opportunities, uncomfortable changes, and an entire lifestyle change.  This is what my boy, Tyler Tredway went through, going from corporate America to Max Effort Muscle.  The gym has changed.  The office has changed.  The daily operations have changed.  Tyler making a significant life decision such as this has shifted his mentality on what is actually possible.

Tyler graduated college in 2014 and began working in corporate America.  He felt like another number on a spreadsheet with not much of a purpose.  Fast forward to working for Max Effort Muscle.  The first three weeks on the job couldn’t be any more different.

Here he was, working in a completely different area than his college degree.  Different environment, different people, and endless possibilities.  He took a chance on himself, me, and Max Effort.  Never did he think he’d be sitting here grinding it out in a new business. 

Away goes the 9:00 to 5:00pm job.  No more punching in, punching out.  The work never stops, but it's a good thing.  When you enjoy it and the people you work with, you feel like your life has value.  Value to the company and to your life.  The growth is limitless.

Tyler always wanted to work with me in some capacity.  He’s been coming to OSG for six or seven years.  It all came down to continuing to show up, and an opportunity being available.  He took it upon himself to carve out something that Max Effort didn’t have: a wholesale program.  After presenting how he could add value to the team, it was on.


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