#130 The Pain of the Process is Only Temporary


“Pain is temporary.  The feeling of achievement is always worth it.”  I used to rep this old quote all the time back in the MP days because of the high level of perseverance I had to maintain.


Rolling with the Punches

In a two-week period, we moved the gym, moved the office, and the new building flooded.  We had some brutal days we had to get through.  Moving the gym consisted of loading all the equipment onto pallets, then transporting it to the new location.  When I got back to the new building, I discovered that the drained was plugged and things were flooding.  This pushed back my day back to nine or ten o’clock. 

To see the 4:00am crew roll in that first morning made it all worth it.  We saw what we put together.  The vibe, the lifestyle, and the consolidation of Old School, Max Effort Muscle, and CoryG Fitness.  A next level turned all the way up.


The Process Can Be Painful

The process will be painful at times.  That’s just a part of it.  It’s inevitable.  For me, I don’t know how to give up.  Especially at this point in my career, I know what my time involved in a project will yield me.  I just keep coming back.

Something will eventually pop off the way you want it to.  Will it happen on your timeline?  No.  It almost never happens that way.  Don’t fall into the entitlement trap.  It doesn’t fucking work that way. 

How can you increase your chances that it will happen?  Put your head down and work.  Stay focused and consistent.  The temporary pain of the process is well worth the long-term success you seek.


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  • Michael Palumbo

    Great advice Cory!!! Focus and Consistency and you can’t go wrong!!

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