#134 Forced Change/Adaptation

Tyler, one of our guys at Max Effort had a baby recently.  Forced change at the highest level. Everything becomes a bit chaotic. Work, relationships, the way you operate, and the way you sleep. You have no choice but to adapt to the situation at hand.


The First Few Weeks

Take the first few weeks after the baby arrives. Tyler described the first few weeks as a constant feeling of anxiousness. It’s like you’re waiting for something, and you know it should be right around the corner, but it's not changing. In this scenario he was talking about sleep. It’s something completely out of your control, and you don’t know when you’re going to get a good night of rest.

Most of us think that we’re going to have a baby, and then things go right back to normal. Guess what? That’s not what happens. Reality hits you square in the face. What it means to have a child is difficult to explain, especially to someone who hasn’t gone through the process.


Forced Change

How structured are you? For Tyler, he resides on the more structured side of the spectrum. As a person used to controlling many variables, it can be a challenge to adjust to a change that is completely out of your control. You just can’t change it.  It forces an adaptation.


Patience & Growth

Not only are you forced to adapt, but you’re forced to be more patient. You are constantly challenged to be more patient… minute by minute. What’s interesting is that when you get life back to somewhat normal, you appreciate the small things even more

You either move forward or quit. Choose to move forward. To win. Even if you’re clawing your way and struggling through the day-to-day stuff. Continue to show up and get better.



Everything changes when the baby comes out. It’s hard to articulate how much you love something until it happens. It’s immediate. You’d run in front of a train in a second for them. You’ve probably heard it a million times already, but it’s impossible to understand until you’re in the thick of it. Random things are thrown in your path all the time and you have no choice but to adapt.    


Another Level

It’s a strong feeling. Certainly, other parents along the way have experienced the same thing, right? You would think so, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes it can be hard to grasp.

What it can give you is compassion and empathy to better handle the environment and situation differently. Build a better environment in order to move your life in a positive direction.


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