#140 How to Get Ahead

by Daniel Walter

The reason why these things continue to happen to me is not because of what I did yesterday or today.  The reason why these things continue to happen to me is because of the body of work over time.  This is a highly important concept to understand.


The Long Game

Sure, you have to execute as this or that comes up but getting ahead is a long-term game plan.  So many people mess this up because they are so focused on the short-term.  If you do this “one thing” one time, it’s not going to matter.  It’s what you’re doing all the time.  Your consistent actions are what compound into results. 

Don’t get ahead of yourself.  Focus on the process.  Focus on each step.  There’s really never a finish line.  It keeps drifting further and further away.  It’s like the track event where you never hit the tape.  If you’re truly a person that wants to continue getting better, then understand things just keep progressing.  They continue to evolve.


Addicted to the Process

You get addicted to the process.  You get addicted to the possibilities.  You get addicted to the good days.  Then you want to replicate those good days over and over again.

Look at it as your own body of work for progress.  How can you make a better life, a better business, and a better operation?  Do the little things compounded over and over again.  That’s what will get you there.


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