#144 Transitioning into a Machine

“Nothing tastes as good as success.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

 Enter Josh Carey, winner of the 2021 #IWANTABS Transformation Contest.  First Place – Rolex Air King.  In my opinion, there’s no meal worth it, or compares to winning that Rolex.


Losing 50

How did he do it?  What was his experience like?  What made all the difference?  How did he go to that next level?  What kind of mindset did he need?

Getting through a 12-week transformation and making a true lifestyle change is hard.  Asking things like, “Is this pizza that I’m going to eat for 15 minutes going to be satisfying?  Is it worth it to feel like shit for the next week?” 

It gives you the chance to slow things down to evaluate what you’re willing to do.  In this scenario, you’re up against pizza.  Is this going to get me one day closer to my goal or one day further away?  The emotional side of you says, "I want to eat that.  It’s my favorite pizza."  The other side of you reminds you of the goal you set for yourself to achieve.  If the goal is absent, there’s no direction.  And if you have no direction, things go haywire.


Going Next Level

Going next level is why I’ve been successful in bodybuilding shows, been featured on magazine covers, and had success in business.  What’s going next-level mean?  It means that you’re applying a deeper dedication to what you’re trying to achieve.  It’s a consistent push to uncover more.  With the #IWANTABS Transformation, it’s a push to better understand your body.

Yeah. When I started, it was tough for a while, but once I got a few months in, I really became in-tune with my body, which I had never experienced that before.


Be Your Own Science Project

Your body is the greatest machine ever created, and most people don’t spend the time to learn more about it.  You are your own science project.  Because I NEVER took steroids, I was on a completely different playing field than a lot of my competitors.  I had to fucking squeeze every ounce out of myself.

From the supplements, from the training, from the trial and error, from all of that.  And within that process, I became a different human being.  I began to better understand how my body operates.  Then, I was better equipped to teach it.  That’s when you strike gold.


Overcome & Understand

For Josh (any many others), pizza was his vice.  That was one of the biggest obstacles he had to overcome.  His weekend routine was drinking and pizza.  Not having it for 12 straight weeks was something he had never done before.  A $9 pizza each week could have prevented him from a $15k watch. 

Does this routine sound familiar to you?  I’m willing to wager that countless people around the country struggle with a variation of this scenario.  No one just eats one piece of pizza, let’s be honest.  Pizza is one of those foods that is more difficult to bounce back from because of all the bread, cheese, etc.  Picture a train rolling down the tracks, and you’re just throwing shit in front of it.


What to Do

So, what do you do?  Work on being more aware and in-tune with your body.  Understand how certain foods slow down your metabolic rate, and how they relate to your goal.  Emotionally, it’s hard to battle through.  What are you saying when you give in?  "I'm not willing to be disciplined enough to reach this goal."

Take it one day at a time, one week at a time.  Having a plan of action to get through each day and week is key.  What your workouts look like, what you’re going to eat, and what you’re going to feed your mind.  Not only is this approach more manageable, but it’s also much easier to visualize where you’re going.

What’s your environment look like?  Do you have a crew, or are you riding solo?  Do you train in the morning, midday, or at night?  You don’t have to train at 4am, but you do have to have the same components.


Give it a Shot

I get this situation all the time…  Someone starts my Anabolic Fasting diet plan and starts asking a million questions.  Can I have this food instead of that one?  Can I eat at this time instead of that time?  The list goes on and on.  How about you just try it EXACTLY the way I prescribed first?  It took me over a decade to figure out the core principles of Anabolic Fasting.  Yes, over ten fucking years.

Planning is the biggest thing.  This is what I’m going to eat, this is my workout.  From there, it’s all about trusting in the process and the time involved.


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