#150 I’m Willing to Do It


I'm not sure what it's going to take.  I just PR’ed my one-mile lunge time at 41:34. When I suffered the supraspinatus rupture, it took something from me.  Instead of wallowing in the negative, I did everything I could in my power to flip it into something positive.  How could I learn from this situation?  How could I turn it into a challenge?  I started to look at this injury as something to overcome.  Then I had a back injury that took away my lower body lifting.  The key is to not let it keep you down.


I’ve Been Searching

I've been finding, learning, and searching… just like I did for Anabolic Fasting all these years, right?  I was looking for it.  I found it and it changed lives.  I want the guide back that was there before these two injuries happened.  I’m talking almost two years.  I almost forgot what it is to be me.

But then I found something the last couple of days.  I don’t know how long I’m going to do this for, and I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing, but I’m coming here every day with the intention to push.  If I feel good enough and my body is firing, I’m going to see if I can do a mile each day.


I’m Willing to Go There

I’m willing to go there.  If you tell me, "G, you have to do a mile every fucking day to earn the ability to lift how you used to lift," I'd fucking do it.  That’s the difference between me and most other people.  I'm willing to do what it takes

I have the pack a lunch mentality.  I know what it feels like to shovel coal on my knees with my back hitting the ceiling.  I was working 90-hour weeks and dreaming of getting out.  I wasn’t scared.  Sure, I was nervous at times, but the repeated exposure of uncomfortable situations made me a much more confident person.  The dream was alive every day.



I’m building up my confidence every day so I can win.  When I get up to the track and feel damn near 100%, I’m going to give it all I have.  I’m going to give these four laps all I have so I can maintain the same pace the entire time.  Is it difficult and grueling?  Of course, it is.   I fucking want it, I don’t just kind of want it.  That’s the difference. 

I’m willing to do what’s necessary, plain and simple.  Are you?  What kind of personal expectations do you demand of yourself?  Well, I can tell you with full certainty that I didn’t get here by accident.  High expectations of myself are part of how I operate.

I wish I could tell you it's easy, but it's not.  Those things that separate you are always hard.  Right now, the way I feel better is by doing one mile of lunges.  Is that what I wanted to sign up to do?  Hell no.  Is that what I'm doing because that's what it takes?  Hell yeah.


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