#155 No More Doom & Gloom

This Drives Me CRAZY

You're not doomed to be old/young and flabby.  You're not doomed.  This thought process drives me crazy.  Throughout my career, I’ve seen so many motherfuckers change their situation.  Their physique, finances, relationships, businesses, etc.  Myself included.

I didn't know any of this stuff I know now.  I just worked, learned, failed, succeeded, failed again, succeeded again, and on and on.  I focused on just showing up every fucking day.


I Don’t Do Anything Special

"I don't do anything extra special. I just don't fucking miss."  You’re not doomed.  You’re not doomed because your genetics suck or because you didn’t grow up with money.  What can’t you do?  Play the victim.  You’re not doomed, and you’re not a victim.

Think about all the shitty situations and circumstances in the world.  There are countless examples of people emerging victorious from less fortunate circumstances.  For me, I was tired of my situation.  My why was focused directly on generational change.  I wanted to turn way the fuck up and change everything.


Don’t Cry About It

Don’t cry yourself a river.  Don’t keep acting like someone did you wrong, even if they did.  I’ve surely encountered this on my path, but I didn’t cry about it.  What’d I do instead?  I focused on making the changes I wanted.

You can’t pick your situation.  You can’t pick your family.  You can’t pick a lot of things.  The key lies in the mindset.  You’re dealt the hand you’re dealt.  But just because you didn’t get a favorable hand doesn’t mean you’re doomed.


Daydream a Little

What do you actually want?  How would it make your life different?  Think about the possibilities.  Stay optimistic.  The doom is the pessimistic side.  It's the glass half empty, not half full.  Do you see?  I struggle to say this statement because I’ve conditioned myself to look at it only half full.  I've conditioned myself to only find the solution.

I'm not even always right, but I'm just trying to fucking figure it out.  I'm trying to live a more prosperous, happy life by looking at things that way.  Some pessimistic motherfuckers will say, "Well, G, you're just always out here with your head in the sand.  Everything ain't fucking great."  Of course, everything's not fucking great.  I could point out something negative in every situation if I really wanted to. 

Choose to do the opposite.  Smile more, impact a few more people, impact yourself, feel better, and walk with your chest out a bit more.  Try being more confident.  Why not try it that way?


It's All About How You Stand Up Next

Are you going to be down in the dumps sometimes?  Could you be depressed?  Could a bunch of stuff go sideways?  Of course.  We all have low points throughout our lives.  But here's what I think… even Arnold said this to me after we had a business not go as planned.

It's all about how you stand up next.  It's all about how you respond.  It's all about what you do the next time.  It's all about learning from it.  If someone punches you in the mouth, are you just going to lay there?  Some people lay there for a really long time.  Is that you?


Shift the Perspective

Today.  Pick something positive with everything you come across.  It’s going to be difficult because our brain sometimes defaults to negative thoughts.  It happens.  It’s time to rewire your mind and head the opposite way. 

There’s always an alternative way to look at things in life.  Don’t choose the doom and gloom.  And when you get in a negative cycle, break that motherfucker and head the other direction.  I’m talking about the direction of a happier, more prosperous life.  Condition yourself to operate this way, and you'll be way happier.


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