#161 I Don't Feel Like It

What This Statement Says

There’s always going to be that little, whiny ass bitch voice that creeps up in your brain saying, “I don’t feel like it.”  What’s this statement mean?  "I don't want to win.  I want to be a fucking loser.  I don't want to get better today."  Does that remind you of anybody?  Everyone better put their hand up.  

Guess what?  We all go through different versions of this.  The real question is, “Who fights through it?”


The Small Percentage

Only a small percentage of people fight through.  And guess what?  That’s who wins.  There are thousand excuses every day telling you to not do this or that.  I’m sore, this hurts, I don’t feel like it, or I’m tired.  There’s never a shortage of excuses.  The choice is yours.  Are you going to fight through all the doubt and excuses?


Choose to Be Better

"I don't feel like it," is a mentality.  It’s a mentality to always stay the same.  It’s why I came up with quotes such as, "Why stay the same when you can get better every day?"  If you allow, "I don't feel like it," to creep in your mind daily, you are absolutely fucked.  If you're okay staying the same, then you're right where you need to be.

Fighting through is what it takes to get better.  Not to mention that the percentage of days that feel amazing are few and far between.  It’s just a fact.


Why to Fall in Love With the Process

Fall in love with the process.  Why?  Because there’s always an end goal in mind.  Focusing on the process allows you to understand how everything fits together.  Then it’s up to you to execute.  This is especially helpful on the days you don’t feel like doing anything.  Then, when you’re dialed in, “I don’t feel like it” becomes less and less of a factor.


Always Show Up

Consistency is a core pillar for everything in my life.  You can’t do things only when you feel like it, or when it’s convenient.  If I don’t execute, then I’m one day further away from my goals, not one day closer.

If I didn’t feel like doing Daily Fire one day, then how am I going to get a podcast deal?  How am I going to get millions of people to follow all our shows?  How's the Lunge & Learn Network going to grow if I don't feel like it?


I Know What’s Inside

Mind over matter.  The execution.  The passion.  The constant improvement.  “I don’t feel like it” is not something I can give into.  Have I given into this or that before?  Of course, it’s happened, but the percentage of times I do that over top of what I'm supposed to be doing is extremely small.  It’s up to you to win the fight on a day-to-day basis.


It’s a Fight

Push out the doubt when it creeps in.  You're going to be so happy that you did.  When “I don’t feel like it” creeps in, think about the feeling when you’re done.  Think about when it's all over, meaning you have no more reps in you.  Business shit is over.  The money that you made is what you made.  The experiences you had were your experiences.  You can't travel anymore.  You're fucking old and you're in that damn chair. 

Are you going to be wishing that you pushed through?  My guess is yes.  At some point, the number's the number, the experience is the experience, and this life that we sometimes don't cherish enough is done.


Choose to Push Through

Choose to not give in.  Choose to be better.  Be proud of the body of work that you built.  Don’t be soft.  Don’t be a regretful old motherfucker.  Look yourself in the mirror and be brutally honest.  Talk shit to yourself if you have to.  "Am I so fucking soft that I don't want to get better today because I don't feel it?"


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