#165 Why Stay the Same When You Can Get Better Each Day?


"Why stay the same when you can get better each day?"  

This is one of my quotes back from the MusclePharm days.  Although there’s a lot of cliché stuff out there, it’s all based around the same idea.  Up to that point, I’ve never heard anyone say this before.  I just said it one day, framed it up on Instagram, and threw it out there.  People were sharing it all over the place and the positive feedback and comments rolled in.  It just makes sense.


Why Wouldn’t You?

Why would you get up today and not intentionally get a little bit better?  Is it 1%?  Is it 10%?  It’s not even about a number necessarily, it’s about the intention.  The intention to get better. 

So, when I think about that quote, I think, "I don't really want to just be the same person."  In business, if you're not trying to get better, you're usually getting worse.  Now, you don’t have to be a total maniac all day every day, but why wouldn’t you want to widen your range of knowledge?  Why wouldn’t you want to make your business, training, and relationships better?


It's Right in Front of You

Your intention to get better is right in front of you.  That’s why I created the Lunge & Learn Network.  That’s why I’ve had an entire library at my house since my early 20’s.  This is coming from someone who never read in high school and barely went to college.  Once I understood the power of self-education with the subjects I was interested in, all bets were off.

I used to be the guy that would say, "Reading's a waste of time.  It's dumb.  I would never waste my time doing that."  I used to say things like that when I was much younger, because I didn't understand the true value.


What Can You Do TODAY?

Why stay the same?  Why stay the same when you can get better today?  What can you do for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes?  For example, starting at 4:00am, I have two hours logged between training and listening to audio books or podcasts.  I’m not claiming to know everything, but I’m much smarter, much sharper, and much more confident in my abilities.


The Compounded Effect

There’s this one guy that I used to look up to when I was younger.  We’ve talked periodically, but I haven’t seen him in 15-20 years.  I recently reconnected with him, and he said, “Cory, I knew you when you were 20 years old.  You seem much older than your age.”  I’m currently 43 years old.

I said, "Honestly, Dan, I think it's because I've been studying for 20 years to try to get better every day.  All with the intention to widen my frame of mind in order to grow my business, make better decisions, and take advantage of the right opportunities.”  That’s my pursuit.  And through that process, I’ve also helped and pushed others to be better.


Focus on Daily Doses

Why stay the same when you can intentionally get better with small amounts of intention, day over day?  To enrich not only your life, but also the people around you.

When you put discipline around yourself and you focus on the right things, it will rub off on someone else and make an impact.  It doesn’t matter how many social media followers you have, how big your circle is, or if someone is paying attention.


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