#167 I Either Fuck With It Or I Don’t

Quit Being Wishy-washy

Stop being wishy-washy and indecisive.  Let’s say that we’re working on a new protein flavor at Max Effort Muscle.  It’s either great or it’s not good enough.  There’s no middle ground.  There’s no, “It’s just okay.”  It’s the same process with our t-shirt designs and other apparel.  The apparel we spit out is so dope that we want to rock it every day.  Otherwise, we try something else.


Don’t Settle

We're not going to settle for "Well, that looks okay."  Why is this relevant today?  Because I believe that many people are okay with just being okay.  It’s a problem.  Personally, I have a problem with it because being in the middle never gives you the opportunity to be great. 


I Have to Fuck With It

This is going to sound so meathead, but the pump of the workout must be off the charts.  Just okay isn’t good enough.  For all the time that Cole put in the cover, for all the time that Danny put into building on the website, to all the time that the 4:00 AM crew put in challenging themselves and testing it, for all the time that all these members have put in for the website, it must be great.  I have to fuck with it.


Don’t Be Half Ass

This plays across all categories with anything I do.  I'm not a half-assed type of guy.  If I fuck with something, you’ll know right away.  I love doing the Daily Fires because I think they are impactful for many people.  I’m trying to bring the juice every day.  

It was the same case with some of my old business partners.  When I fucked with them, I did, and when I'm out, I'm out.  I can't fake it.  I have to make a decision and move on.  That's why if fuck I with you, I'm going to give you my time.  But if I don't fuck with you, you don't exist. That's it.  It's literally that simple.  There's no middle.  It's a hard fucking cut.


Zero Tolerance

I’m not going to tolerate dumb bullshit.  Have I put up with it before?  Yes, in multiple scenarios and businesses.  It’s just what it is.  If someone is bringing drama into my life, you won’t ever see my caller ID hit your phone again.  You're not going to see me ever hit you back on social media.  I'm just not going to even tolerate or be involved in it because it's sucking up my good vibes that I'm trying to carry on in life.  I'm not going to deal with it.


The Value of Confidence

At the most basic level, you must believe in yourself and your ideas.  Is it just good enough, or does it have the potential to be great?  Where are you on the confidence meter?  


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