#18 Embrace the New Normal

We've got a lot of new shit going on out here, and a lot of people are fighting it, right?  What's especially not healthy in a time like this?  Not going to the gym.  I can't believe that I'm actually fucking saying that right now.  Did you hear me?

I started my own gym at the age of 20.  I live and die for the gym.  That is just the realization of me waking up today and in fucking shock.  I'm in fucking shock, but here's what I've got to do.  Here's what we all have to do… we have to embrace it.


Embrace It

You can't challenge it because it's not the right thing to do right now.  It just isn't.  No matter what you believe in, this motherfucker is real.  You have to embrace it. I'm going to lock in and try to play my role.  I'm trying to have the information so people can still make gains.  So, motherfuckers can still make progress.  

Truth be told, many of the people hitting me up will most likely get better results than when they actually went to the gym.  It’s because they weren't doing the shit that I know how to do.

It's fucked up but embracing the new normal is mandatory.  You can't go to the bar, even if it is St. Patrick’s Day.  But here's the deal, I would be in a pub, one million percent.  I love Guinness.  I would be in a pub, but I couldn't go.  Now, I have a small pub that's at my crib, but I didn't even drink there.


The Challenge

Here's the challenge: it's depressing.  I'm like one of the most motivated, crazy, optimistic motherfuckers you will ever fucking meet.  No question.  People that roll with me on a regular basis see how I operate and how optimistic I am.  Being this way naturally brings a pessimistic feel that you have to shield every day.  There are some people out here really struggling, and this shit is just getting started.  I'm not trying to scare you all, but I'm just trying to say that it’s reality.  Embracing this new “normal” is the only way forward.  Once we accept this, only then will we be able to adjust and push ourselves.

Maybe you pick up the guitar that you've been wanting to learn or do more music because you haven't played in a while.  Maybe you start speaking a different language.  Maybe you take your exercise more seriously.  The way we fend off shit like this is to have our immunity up.  So why not take your exercise more seriously?  You've got fucking time.  Buy yourself some dumbbells and hit me up.  There's time.

You have to spend more time with your family.  Rachel and I were just talking about this yesterday.  We don't really know our neighbors that well, but we should.  But guess what?  When you're locked in, sheltered in, whether it's 10, 14 days, whatever, you're out walking, you're going to be forced back to 1960.  It's going to happen.


Do What We’re Supposed to Do

Are you doing what you should be doing?  Are you making progress?  People were making fun of, "Oh, what am I going to do, read a book?”  “Yeah, motherfucker, read a book." Listen to some audio, work on your fitness, work on your relationships.  Work on some shit that you've been putting off.”  

I've got some household items I've been dodging for years, and now I'm going to have time to do them.  It's just what it is.  A wise man told me a long time ago, "It just is what it is."  Within that is what it is, you can still find pockets of success to make yourself better.  I just don't want you guys to think, "Shit's fucking done."  Everybody's situation is different.  I'm not going to pretend that it isn't because I've lived multiple ways in this life.  I understand, believe me. 

There are still glimmers of hope there.  There are still positives.  I’m going to keep looking for them.  I’m going to keep bringing them.  This shit is real, and now we have to take it for real.  Embrace the new normal.


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