#182 There’s Some Things I Can Fix, And Some I Can’t Fix

I can help fix physical weakness.  

I can help you get stronger. 

I can help you get leaner.

But I can't fix inconsistency.

Do you have a definitive purpose?  Do you have real goals set in your mind?  Do you have an outlined system that is going to help you accomplish them?


The Importance of Consistency

I can help you lose weight and get stronger, but I can’t fix being inconsistent.  Be honest, where are you on the consistency-inconsistency spectrum?  For me, I’ve been getting up every day and battling injuries for two and a half years.  This was particularly tough because I hadn’t had many injuries up to that point in my entire 20+ year career. 

What’s the reality?  I want to do hard things.  I want to lunge 800 meters every day.  I want to fucking squat every day.  I want to be fighting in the trenches every day because that’s what I do.  That’s me, and that’s where I feel the most alive.  It’s the sauce.


It's Your Choice

What happens if I didn’t get up every morning?  Then I’m not even giving myself the opportunity to fix X, Y, or Z.  On the other hand, what happens if I do get up every day?  Then I’m giving myself the chance to do what I love again.  That’s what is happening right now.

I’ve been able to squat almost every day over the past 30 days.  I’ve been able to deadlift.  Obviously, my numbers aren’t where they used to be yet because my shit has been messed up, but I can fix that.  I’m not as lean as I used to be, but I can fix that.


I Can’t Do It For You

I can’t do the work for you.  You have to put in the work yourself.  You have to want it.  I know that I can fix the things that I need fixed.  How do I know?  I know because I’m going to show up every day.  I know because I have a plan of attack.

I showed up even on the days where I could barely do anything.  That’s the true test.  You know how tough it is to watch everyone else squat or bench when you can’t at all? 


I Have the System

I have the system.  I have the process.  I can help you get stronger.  I can help you get fucking ripped.  I can help you get more dialed in.  You can’t fix someone that’s not dedicated and consistent.

There's no supplement that’s going to fix that.  There's no trainer that's going to fix that.  There's no system that's going to fix that.  You have to fix it.  


The Way It Works

It's just the way it works.  If you want to get better, you can't miss.  It’s a simple concept, but difficult to execute. 

Make going to the gym at a defined time non-negotiable.  Doing so will help fix your strength and body fat levels.  It doesn't matter if your friends are going to happy hour.  It doesn't matter if it’s somebody's fucking birthday.   

It's just what it takes.


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