#183 The Real Ones Can See It


The real ones can see it. 

The real ones can feel it.


Real People Know

The real people out there can sniff it out.  They can feel it.  They can see it in your mannerisms.  They can feel and see it in the way you operate.  So, when you're trying to deal with people that are really about their business, you have to make sure that you are operating at a high level.  Here’s an example

The other day my son and I were going back and forth.  I texted him something, I know he saw it because we had just saw each other, and he didn’t respond.  Later, I went up to his bedroom to address it.  I explained to him that yes, I am your dad, but I’m also a real guy.  I explained to him that there’s a way that real lifters operate.  If you’re a real lifter, you understand.  It’s the same way in the business world.  People in the business world operate a specific way.

I’m in both worlds. 

I was trying to explain to him how to take weights, work through, and grind.  He sees me do it all the time.  He’s starting to understand what it means to be a real lifter.  There’s a difference between people that just lift weights, and people that compete.  You step across another threshold when you compete and take big weights in the gym.  And if you do that for long periods of time, it becomes the way you operate.


A Way of Operating

It’s no different from interacting with someone you deeply respect.  You already know they provide value and that they’ve been in the game.  There’s a certain way that they operate. 

You wouldn't be late for a meeting.  You wouldn't not respond in a certain period of time.  You wouldn't not be ready for your deadline.   You wouldn’t do any of these things because there’s an expectation.

I wanted to point this out to Alex now because I know it’s going to help him later down the road.  At this point in his life, he’s the young buck.  He’s taking advice.  He’s learning.  He’s the fly on the wall.


Taking Weights

It’s just like when you step up to take big weights.  You know that if you have even a chance of making it, you fucking take that weight like you’re going to make it.  That’s how you operate.  That’s the expectation.

People that have never been under real weights will never really understand what I'm talking about.  Some people have never been in real business situations will never know what I'm talking about.  Regardless, it’s important to understand that there’s an expectation for people that operate on a serious level.


Learning From the GOAT

Who you're dealing with, how they operate, and what their expectations are.  I look at the business and gym world in a similar way.  Consistency, putting in effort, taking chances, working through failures, winning, and being all fucking in.  Make sure that your team can count on you. 

I learned this from one of the greatest of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  It isn’t new.  He applied the way he operated in bodybuilding to the business world.  Discipline, awareness, and operating at a high level over years and years.  And that’s why he’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


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