#185 Every Obstacle is an Opportunity to Improve Your Position

Supply Chain Issues

Not too long ago we had a major supply chain issue at Max Effort.  Straight up, we couldn’t get the bottles we needed.  The plastics industry was going crazy.  There was nothing that we could do.


What Are Your Options?

I’m a solution-based person, so I immediately started thinking about our options going forward.  What about different packaging?  How can we save money?  How can we help the environment? 

What’s interesting is that the solution may actually improve your position.  Improve your position on storage, shipping, and product display.  Everything


Glass Half Full

We’re looking at the glass half full, not half empty.  There's always a blessing out there.  Are you solution-based?  Are you looking for solutions, or are you complaining and making excuses?

Things can be tough sometimes – especially in the beginning.  Things are more of a pain in the ass because you’re figuring out the best way to do things, where the bottles come from, and where the labels come from, etc.


Curveball After Curveball

Curveballs and obstacles are always going to be thrown your way.  It’s inevitable.  In this particular situation, I was in danger of not being able to sell my product.  Not a good position to be in.

I was getting punched square in the face.  We were watching the warehouse stock dwindle.  We didn’t have enough flavors.    All the while the lead times were getting push backed further and further.  It was a dangerous situation.


The Good Part

The good news?  We found a solution.  We’re shifting our focus to something better because we had no control on how long the bottle situation will last.  I think what we’re shifting to is a cleaner, crispier look too.  An overall plus.  There’s always a blessing and/or an opportunity out there.  You just have to find it.

It's not always obvious.  And sometimes you’ll have to look under a lot of rocks.  Keep looking.  It’s there.  You’ll find it eventually.  With every obstacle comes an opportunity to improve your position.


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