#186 Do You Choose Drift or Discipline?

It's really that simple.

Just about everything I’ve read from Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie is all about having discipline or being a drifter. 

The drifter…

Wanders aimlessly.
Doesn’t know where they’re going.
Doesn’t have self-discipline.
Doesn’t have a definitive purpose. 

They’re floating around like a leaf, drifting around wherever.

The disciplined…

Have parameters in place with how they operate.
Have a definitive purpose.
Have self-discipline.
Have organized thinking and execution.


What Happens Over Time

People wonder how they became the person they are today.  That’s why it’s so important to do the little things every day.  Are you a drifter or are you a disciplined person?

If you look back at your life, you’ll find the answer.  Sure, there may be some luck from time to time, but the reality is that you make your own luck.  I didn’t get to the level I’m at today on accident.  It’s all about the time involved and having intentional operations.


Not 100% All the Time

You’re not always dialed in.  There are certainly times where you drift.  But even when you're drifting within parameters, that's better than having no parameters and drifting all over the place.

Ask yourself…  Are you executing or are you drifting?

Are you drifting at work?  Are you just okay with the position you’re in?  What about your personal life?  The people you operate with and your family?  Or do you have guidelines and parameters set up to keep you between the lines?  Having these guidelines in place will keep you above water, even at your worst.


The Power of Intention

Making more money, having a certain lifestyle, and setting up the life you want are much more likely when you have intention.  People say that they want this or that lifestyle, but they don’t have anything based around it.  There’s no discipline.  There’s no action. 

Without intention, discipline, and action, it’s impossible to get where you claim you want to go.  These three components are going to give you your best shot.  It’s just a fact.


It’s Always Going to Be Hard

Without intention and structure, you’re fucked.  I’m a super disciplined cat and it still takes me everything I have every single day.  Early ass alarm clock, busting my ass in the gym, and being super disciplined on my diet, executing with my businesses, and just being a good dude and doing what’s right.

Because guess what?  You’re not entitled to any of it working.  It’s like you’re constantly throwing pasta against the wall to see what works.

There’s no guarantee that what you’re striving for is even going to work out.  But if you want something different or something great, then action, discipline, and intention are mandatory.

You’re not going to be 100% disciplined all the time.  You’re human.  I get that.  But what happens if you’re disciplined 80, 85, or 90% of the time? 


Choose Discipline

Choose discipline more times than drifting.  If you choose discipline more times than drifting, don’t you think you’re eventually going to get in the ballpark of what you want?  And don't you think that it'd be worth it?

The kind of job you want, the promotion you’re after, the material items you may want, and the relationships you want.  Don't you think that that's worth it?

Take diet for example.  Here’s the common response: "You can't take my fucking pizza away from me."  Okay, but you know what?  That pizza's taking away your health, the way you want to feel, and the way you want to look.  Alternatively, look what happens when you choose discipline.  You feel better, you look better, and you’re much healthier.

I’m not taking anything from you.  By choosing discipline, you’re choosing freedom.  The choice is yours.  It’s exactly what former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink talks about.  Discipline Equals Freedom.  That’s what it is.  The discipline is what allows you to do what you want.

Don’t be in your 80’s wishing you did this or that.  I’m not willing to do that, and neither should you.  That’s why I choose discipline over drifting.


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