#187 Is it Lack of Opportunity or Lack of Initiative?

Bring the Initiative

Don’t think that you’re maybe not as hot as you once were, or that things aren’t popping like it was at one point.  Don’t play the victim. 

You have to bring your fucking A-Game.

You have to bring the initiative.

That’s where it’s at. 

For me, maybe I’m not lean enough right now, I’m not pushing enough, or I’m not trying enough new things.  That means I’m not taking action and initiative.  I look myself in the mirror every day and ask myself, “G, are you doing everything possible right now to give everything the best opportunity to explode?”

And, if you’re truly honest with yourself, most of the time the answer is no.


What Level Am I On?

What level of initiative are you on right now?  Are you even giving yourself a chance to win?  What’s not working, or what can be improved?  How can we get better?

This is something I’m constantly communicating to the guys… with the content we’re doing, the way we’re growing the business, and how I’m going to do everything possible to blow the top off this shit.


Put Your Best Foot Forward

Go all the way.  Put the gas pedal all the way down.  Know your space and what you’re doing.  I know that I have to know what I’m doing because that’s the only way I can be okay if something doesn’t work out. 

Here are some of the questions to ask yourself…

Did I really do everything possible?

Did I eat good enough?

Did I display personal discipline at the highest level?

Did I make sure that I got up on the weekends?

Did I answer that extra email?

Did I come out with that extra program?

The list goes on.  I have to know that I did everything in my power to give myself a shot at succeeding.


The Other Side

What about the opposite?   You keep doing what you’re doing and blame it on never getting an opportunity.  Guess what?  The reality is that it’s all based on initiative.

If your initiative level is at one million percent, then you’re actually giving yourself a real shot.  And if things don’t work out, so what?  At least you can lay your head down at night and know that you went ALL IN.


This is How I Ride

When I think about my process, I want our team, investors, and people that ride with us to know that we put it all out there.  We’re doing everything we can to give us the best possible shot.  Whether it skyrockets or plummets, you can always adapt.

Where are my initiatives right now?  This is a question that I constantly revisit.  Investment opportunities, my businesses, the book, and the new podcast.  Am I doing everything I can?

There’s no lack of opportunities out there in the world, just lack of initiative. 


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