#189 No One Else Can Make You Happy

No One is You

Think about that for a second…

Not your boss, not even your significant other.  Because think about this...  No one is you.  They don’t really control your happiness.  Now, can your coworkers, significant other, or your family contribute to your happiness?  Yes, absolutely.  

You have to work on those things that actually make you happy, because in the end, you hold the key to your happiness.  The line of your work you’re in, the people you’re around, and what kind of hobbies and interests you have. 

You are in control of all of that.


Are You Happy?

People are quick to throw the blame on something or someone else.  They may be unhappy with themselves or other people.  There will always be external factors to grapple with.   

In the end, you always have the choice.  Are you going to let these things affect your happiness?  Are you going to maintain a glass half-full or a glass half-empty mentality?


I’m Willing to Be Unhappy

This makes me think through previous experiences, personal relationships, business relationships, training partner relationships and other environments I’ve been in.  All in all, I’m simply unwilling to be unhappy.

I literally just wrote to this point in my recent book, How to Build Confidence and Win at Life.  As a kid I witnessed many of my family members being unhappy with their jobs.  They were they unhappy with their jobs and constantly battling with their financials. 

Seeing this unhappiness and financial strain up close made me even more unwilling to continue that progression.  It stopped here.  I was going to do what I loved to do.  I was going to fight tooth and nail for that entry point into the personal training world.


It’s Not Worth It

Are you in a toxic environment, filled with toxic people?  Think about it for second.  Now, ask yourself, “Is it worth it?”  Chances are it’s not worth it.  Time goes too damn fast, and life is short.  Why would you waste your time being unhappy in a toxic environment?

Some situations take longer than others to change, but the first step is being aware.  You must cultivate awareness because that will give you the signals to make the necessary changes.


How Do You Want to Operate?

We all can make improvements.  We’re all works in progress.  How can you make positive changes with the way you operate?  Are you reading material that is contributing to your self-development and growth?  Are you immersing yourself with hobbies that contribute to your happiness?

It’s easy to be a drone.
It’s easy to just along with it.
It’s easy to go through the motions.

Don’t let this be you. 

Personally, I’m much more conscious because I’ve been working at it for over 20 years.  I saw how things were growing up, and I wanted to put a firm stop to it.  Once you identify what’s most important to you, fight like hell to preserve it.


A Better Way to Live

Living this way is more enjoyable.  You’re not going to be happy with every little thing 100% of the time.  It’s just the truth.  But if you’re consistently fighting for what’s important, then you’ll be happy a heavy percentage of the time. 

Take diet, for example.  If you eat well 90% of the time, you’re more than likely going to look the way you want to look.  70% isn’t going to do it.  Now, what happens if you’re happy 90% of the time?  Don’t you think you’ll have a better attitude?  Don't you think your production would be better?  Don't you think your overall vibe would be better?  Don’t you think that you’d be a more attractive person to be around? 


Change is Hard, Happiness is Awesome

Are you just going through the motions?  Are you scared to take control of your life?  Change can be difficult and scary, but what happens if you take appropriate action?  What happens if you start cutting the toxic waste from your life?  

Change is hard, but happiness is awesome.


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