#19 Force Your Schedule

I forced the schedule today.  I'm still soaking wet because I can't get back to my house right now.  I drove to do my lunges, and now I’m done with my 800 meters.  I basically drove through a flood to get to the track.  Now I’m sitting there waiting for the water levels to go down, even though I have an SUV.  I’m just stuck with mismatched clothes, soaking wet and that's just the way it is.  


Gotta Force the Schedule

Nothing about what's going on right now is normal, I think we can all identify with that.  I normally get up at 3:00 and train at 4:00am.  I'm back home helping the kids with going to school or just hanging out with them, and then I’m out the door going to work by 8:00am.  None of that stuff is happening right now.  I started to look at my schedule and thought to myself, "How can I create a new and exciting schedule to still be productive in a different way?" 

Kids aren't going to school, and we’re not going to the gym.  Everything's different, right?  I started thinking, "What's the second thing that I like to do the most outside of working out?"  It's creating content.  Now, if I could do the podcasts at 4:00am in the motherfucking morning, I would do it.  But we can't.  

So, I thought, "I should get up and record articles, write, and study.”  The second, most exciting thing for me to do from a training standpoint is actually work out outside.  If I can't go to fucking Old School Gym, which is my number one pick, I'd rather train outside.  I can't train outside at 4:00am in the morning and be waking up the whole family, right?  At the end of the day, I just swap those.


Adjust Your Game Plan

I'll go content first and get up still at 4:00am.  I'll train when the sun comes up if we can, if not, we'll do more content like we are now.  Then I'll go train, then I'll go work.  At the end of the day, I'm just taking the pieces of the chess board and moving them around a little bit to see how I can still be productive.  

I'm going to force the schedule. It's so easy to sleep in right now.  I love what I do. I love working out, but it's so easy to say, "Fuck it," because I don't know if y'all have noticed, for you guys that are working from home, but doesn't Monday kind of feel like Saturday?  Doesn't Wednesday kind of feel like Sunday?  I don't know, shit's a little different right now.


I’m Talking to You

I'm talking to myself talking to you.  A couple days felt a little off.  Then I referred back to a chapter on Organized Thinking in an old Andrew Carnegie book: How to Raise Your Own Salary.  I was thinking to myself, "G, you need to organize your thoughts.  You need to put these things in place.  You need to get your shit together.  Only then will you be able to make yourself happier, more productive, and then teach it to others that are having the same struggle.  A lot of us are having this struggle."  

The days I don't have to come do this, which most days I'm down here early recording, I'll either train before outside or right after.  From there, I will do my work duties, dad duties and everything else.  I must get to those things first in order to be productive.  This might not be exactly what I want to do, but this will still lend itself to yielding good results as long as I stay consistent with it.  


Examine Your Schedule

Look at your current schedule.  Look at the one that worked before all this craziness happened.  Enforce a new schedule on yourself.  Take some of the same pieces that will yield some of the same results to keep you motivated.  Things that will keep you in shape, keep your mental game sharp, and keep you working.

Be on your game.  The last thing I should be doing is sleeping in, being lazy, eating shitty, drinking too often and not being focused.  The best thing I can do is move the pieces around, get back to being consistent, get the results I know it will yield, and try to motivate people and continue doing what I do best.  I'm moving the pieces around to help add value to people right now because they need it.  Force Your New Schedule.


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