#191 Who's Putting Who Out?

Quick Story

Not too long ago I decided to sell back my side-by-side to the business I originally bought it from.  It’s super sick and has few miles on it, but I just wasn’t driving it enough.  Not to mention that inventory for these types of vehicles is extremely limited.  The dealer pounced at the opportunity.  No problem, easy transaction, right? 

The transaction took place within 12 hours of me calling them.  All that was left was to get the check.  They told me, “Well, we’ll get you the check, but maybe come back out tomorrow.”  Mind you, I’ve already been to the store once, we’ve agreed to the deal, I’ve signed the paperwork, and they’ve picked it up.  Still no check.

I finally go back to claim the check.  I deposit it.  Turns out they had a system issue with their billing and the check didn’t clear.  Whatever, things happen.  Then, they call me to tell me that they’re going to issue another check and asked if I could come get it.


Where the Issue Is

Here’s where I have the problem.  It's not my fault, right?  I already did the transaction.  I did everything that you said.  I signed the paperwork.  I thought we were finalized and done with the business transaction.  You made a mistake, which I understand, it happens.  You apologized for the mistake, which is great.

But I’m not going to go back out of my way to go back to your store.  You shouldn’t have even asked me to do that.  It’s not an arrogance thing, it's a time value thing.  When you’re wrong about something, you make it right.  I’m not going to make it right for you.


Making it Right

I straight up told the lady that I wasn’t going to come out and get it.  I told them to send a runner or something to bring it to me because it wasn’t my fault.  They essentially told me, “I don’t know if we can do that.”  

I pushed back because it was their mess up.  All they had to do was make it right.  All they had to do was send someone to drop off the check and it would be all good.  Now, I understand that I may value my time more than most people, but still, I thought it was a bit messed up.  They ended up calling me an hour later telling me that they’re going to send someone out to drop it off.  No big deal.


Great Customer Service

It’s going to be slightly comical when I tell the owner of the business this story.  I don’t know him that well, but here’s why I’m going to share this story with him.  

It’s because I take great pride in providing great customer service.

Just the other day we had a customer that had a problem with their order.  It was a bit confusing because we had two customers in the system – both with the same name.  So, I called the first guy named Josh.  I said, “Yo, Josh, what’s up man?  I heard you had a problem with your order.  I want to get it handled real quick.  This is Cory.” 

He's like, "Damn G, my order's fine."  I'm like, "Well shit.  I thought you had a problem with your order.  I just got an email."  He's like, "Nah, it must be another guy.  You'll have to double check the name."  He goes on to say, “But seriously, G, I've been supporting you for 10 years.  The fact that you, right now, still will call people if they have a problem with their order shows how much you care."  I say, "Yeah, bro, if I see it, I care that much."  


We’re Not Right Every Time

We don't get it right 100% of the time.  But if I see something that comes through that needs fixed, I’ll get it handled.  I’ll call, FaceTime, or Tyler will reach out and make it right.  At Max Effort we’re going to go the extra mile – especially if it’s our fault.  We’re not about to put you out.  We want to show you how much we care.


Go the Extra Step

Now, I don't expect the business owner to call me, but here's what would've been interesting.  If the manager of the business dug even a tiny bit, they would have easily found out that I’m a local businessman that has a lot of social media pop.  It would have been easy to make the quick phone call to say, “Look, this is our bad.  We’re going to run this out to you.  We appreciate your business.”

In our business, even if someone will probably dislike my answer, I’ll still call them.  Why?  Because I want to hear their point of view.  Not only this, but I also want them to understand our point of view and where we’re coming from.  It’s about being honest and having an open line of communication. 

Again, we don’t everything right 100% of the time.  Take shipping, for example.  We switched from USPS to FedEx.  Guess what?  Shit still happens.  Packages get lost, damaged, etc.  That all aside, we were the last known people that touched the package.  So, not only are we going to bang on FedEx to get it right, but we’re also going to get the customer something else in the meantime to make it right. 

Am I putting this person out, or are they putting me out?


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