#195 Be About Your Business

We’re a Real Business

I don’t expect the manufacturer to know me, my crew, or my company.  I don’t expect them to know my previous business.  I’m not looking for a pat on the back.  All I want them to know is that we’re a real business.  That we have real sales and we’re serious about what we do.  That’s all I ask.  That’s my only expectation.  All I’m asking for is the basics.


Cover the Basics

Don’t send us samples and not remember what they were, what they cost, and when you sent them.  We’re now going to waste 30 minutes of time re-explaining why we asked for X, Y, and Z and what’s going on. 

To make matters worse, this manufacturer tries to tell me that it’s only seven o’clock in the morning because they are on the west coast.  I could give two fucks.  All I’m trying to do is get basic information so I can pay you and become one of your new clients. 

A client or person you’re selling to should never feel this way.  It should never be this lopsided.  Again, I’m not expecting a pat on the back or special treatment.  I’m expecting a basic level of understanding.

I even went to the length of apologizing to this guy, even though he should have been the one apologizing to us.  He didn’t even address it in his email back.  I said, “Look, bro, I was a little bit frustrated this morning so maybe I came off a little bit difficult because I'm just trying to get proper information so I can make a decision for my business.”  If he would've done five seconds of research, he would have seen that we are serious about our business.  Instead, we get a total half-assed effort… at best.


Do Your Homework

No matter what it is that you’re starting or doing, do your research.  Make sure you know the basics.  Make sure you know your customer or potential customer.  These are real-life scenarios.  We’re playing with live ammo.  Don’t show up unprepared and unprofessional. 

It’s almost like meeting someone five times, and you still can’t remember their name.  How do you think that person feels?  Last time I checked, our company name is Max Effort Muscle.  We’re not giving any minimum efforts in our daily lives.


How It Should Have Went

From the manufacturer’s perspective, here’s how it should have gone down…  You know what, I’m pretty sure my assistant sent out those samples to you.  I was unaware, but I’m glad that you received them.  Let me take a look at my notes and I will call you as soon as I get to the office at 9:00am to get the information you need so we can move forward.  I’m apologize for being unaware. 

It’s that fucking easy. 

So, when you have situations like this going on, just be honest with the person.  Tell them that you're going to make it right.  Then, go figure out the solution.  Don’t put yourself in a hole where the other party is wondering whether you want their business. 

Be about your business.


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