#196 The Carrot I Grew Myself

Working Towards Something

I’m sure you remember the cartoons where the cat takes the carrot and leads the bunny away, right?  Because we all need something to work towards.  That’s why we have a Mercedes C300 sitting in the warehouse right now. 

Talk about a big ass carrot.  A big ass carrot you can get in and whip all over the place.  Then, we have a $20k Rolex Deepsea watch and $10k in cryptocurrency.  All carrots.  All tools that we can use to push ourselves and our limits farther.


Creating Your Carrot

Many people struggle with creating what that carrot is for themselves.  That’s one of the many reasons we created the #IWANTABS Transformation Contest at CoryG Fitness and Max Effort Muscle.  The prizes and platform are undeniable.  You want to make the changes in order to get in the best shape of your life.

What carrot are you growing for yourself?  What are you really pushing for?  There must be something that you’re chasing or striving towards.  It could be a material item and what it represents to you, a new way of operating, or going after one of your dreams.


Drift or Discipline?

Which one are you going to choose?  Drift or Discipline? 

Drifting = aimless wandering, not working towards anything
Discipline = focused, intentionally working towards something

Is it a house?  Is it working in a particular town or setting?  Is it a career or job?  Is it financial freedom?  What is it for you?  What carrot are you growing and nurturing on a daily basis? 

Now that’s an interesting thought.  I encourage you to actually take the time to think about this on a deep level.  Think, reflect, and revisit this practice often.  This is particularly helpful on those hard days where you don’t feel like choosing discipline.  

The days when you don’t want to train.
The days when you don’t want to lunge.
The days when you want to eat that pizza.

Having the carrot, the car, the watch, the bricked abs – whatever it may be – is what will help keep you on track.  That right there is what will help you triumph over making the wrong decision.  Not training, not lunging, not eating the right foods, not prepping your food, not taking your supplements, etc. 

Having the carrot is what helps you establish an environment for success.


9 Out of 10

I’m not going to get it right every single time, but I’m going to pick the carrot nine times out of ten if I have my shit in order.  That’s why the car, watch, and the crypto work for people.  That’s why we bought the car, why we’re giving away the watch, and giving away the crypto.  We understand the impact.

And if we impact you, then we're going to get what we want too, which is growth and exposure.  Everything ends up taking care of itself.  Everyone gets what they want. 


Are You Putting in the Work?

Are you putting in the work right now?  Have you established your carrot(s)?  Are you even thinking about it?  It could be something you’re chasing for six months or even six years.  I chased the cover of a magazine for a decade.  It can take a long ass time sometimes.

It’s time to get your shit in line.  Start putting in the time and work.  Why?  Because when you choose the right decision 90% of the time, then it compounds.  It’s the same exact principle as compounding interest in the stock market over time.  It’s how you build a better body, build a better business, and how you build a better mindset.

That’s how real, lasting change works.


What Kind of Result Are You Getting?

If you’re putting in 77%, then you’re going to get a C-level result.  If you put in 93% or more, then you’re in A-level territory.  That’s just how it works.

You must have a strategy.  That’s where establishing a carrot becomes much more important.  When I was coming up as a personal trainer my carrot was a green Mercedes-Benz 500 SEL.  That's what I wanted.  If you said that I had to get an A to get the Mercedes, I would have done just that.

When the strategy is there and the carrot is right, then you figure it out.


Shoot For Something

This concept has always resonated well with me.  I’ve always done a pretty good job of having something that I’m shooting for or a date on the calendar.  I create the narrative in my head, then build a strategy around it.  All that’s left is action and execution.

It may not happen on the timeline you want, but you can make massive amounts of progress in a 12-week window.  The Mercedes, the Rolex, and the crypto all have a story.  They represent a different way of operating.  They represent a higher expectation. 

This is what happens when you embark on a journey such as the #IWANTABS Contest.  You can do more of this for yourself going forward.  I urge you to do more of it for yourself.  Come by CoryG Fitness and Max Effort Muscle to see what we’re about.  Put your best foot forward and go take what’s yours.


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