#2 Double Down on You

What’s That Mean?

It’s a confident thing to openly say, “This is me.  I’m not going to blend in.  This is what I do.  This is how I dress.  This is how I operate.  This is how I act.”  That may be easy for me to say now because I’ve been working hard and building confidence for over 20 years.  

Many of you may not have this type of confidence built up yet, or they don’t believe in themselves, or they’re scared that they are going to stick out. 

Individuality wins in the vein of entrepreneurship.


Early On

One of my favorite hats that I wear all the time is an expression of me being my own individual.  I’ll tell you why…. I bought my first kangol for $1 at the local Goodwill when I was 16 years old.  No lie. 

I had just come back from a Biggie Smalls concert as a sophomore in high school.  I drove directly to Goodwill to get me a hat like Biggie.  I knew it was me, and I was about to buy one.  I still have this same kangol at home.  I wore it in the gym, to school, and even at my senior prom. 

This isn’t the new age, “I go to a craft brewery and wear a kangol, like you see everywhere.”  I’ve been rocking this hat since I was a kid.  The kangol was is an expression of confidence and swag for me.


Double Down

I continued to double down on these things my entire career.  There were times where I would fade in and out of it.  I would blend in, show up, blend in, show up.  But guess what?  Every time I stayed true to myself, it would work. 

For example, take my most popular workout program at CoryG Fitness… The Get Stacked Program.  The program has always done well, but guess what made it even better?  When we started ripping off album covers.  It’s unique to me.  Yeah, I put myself on an album cover looking like 50 Cent and Drake.  It’s funny, but it’s also in the realm of how I operate.

When I do these things in the world of business, people can feel it


The Push

I’m going to push you guys to not hold back.  Most people will respect it, even if they’re not down with it.  It’s the originality that wins.  Ask yourself: if you’re trying to be an entrepreneur or start your own business, what makes you motherfuckin’ unique?  Why do people want to do what you do?  Why do people want to be a part with what you have going on?


It’s Different

When you come to fuck with me, it’s different.  It’s just different, and you know it.

Throughout my entire career, people have been coming to me for lifting advice, or because they want abs, or they want to learn about Anabolic Fasting, or they want to learn how to take supplements.  That’s why people seek me out.  What they don’t understand… I’m going to present them with a whole new way of living.

I understood what worked for me, I knew it was different from the norm, and I was just showing people what works.  I don’t do traditional cardio, I do lunges.  I squatted every day for three years.

The things that I’ve done, and worked out, have produced results at the highest level.  Millions of page views, products sold, and overall exposure in the market.  These things happened because I went against the grain. 


Not Everyone Has It

To be clear, not everyone has it in them, and I understand that.  That said, please do not suppress the things that make you different.  If you are trying to achieve financial freedom or freedom with your own business, it’s highly important to not suppress your individuality. 

Don’t pay attention to the opinions floating around you.  Motherfuckers have all kinds of opinions about me.  It doesn’t matter.  I’m allergic actually.  Straight up.  I can take constructive criticism, but if it’s straight hate, I simply don’t fuck with them.  That’s what you have to get used to. 


Do What You Love

Build up your confidence.  Don’t suppress yourself.  Double down on what’s unique to you.  If you do these things, you’ll be allergic to the haters too because you’re living true to yourself. 

It’s OKAY to not blend in with 100 people, and you’re 101.  It’s okay to be the one.  The one that stands out is the one that can go get it.  Do what you love and what you’re meant to do.  I didn’t say it was easy, but you’re able to do it on your own time and make your own money.  That is an entirely different type of freedom.

If I didn’t seek out my individual qualities, there is NO WAY what I’ve done would have been possible.  If you follow these principles, it will work EVERY TIME.  Not everyone will understand it, but it will work every time.



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  • Casimir

    Love this. Working on this same mindset as an actor/content creator and as a trainer myself trying to expand my own brand. Loving your content and starting lunges and your abs program!

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