#20 Projects & Patterns

What Do I Mean?

Here's one of the things I've been struggling with.  I operate in a habitual, pattern-heavy way.  More than most.  With my shit so scheduled out, it allows for a lot of creativity and a lot of like discipline.  Operating this way has worked for so many years and yielded such great results, that I've never strayed away from it.  

I've only added and subtracted, but I've always stayed the course.  So, when we talk about a pattern or habits being completely blown up, that's exactly what I’m referring to right now. 

A lot of people might say, "Well, shit, G, you're probably happy you ain't got to get up at three.”  “Well, motherfucker, I don’t ever have to get up at three.  I choose to get up at three to go to that environment at Old School.  I miss it dearly.”  I'm not complaining.  It's just what it is.  We are in a state of limbo where our patterns have been completely uprooted. 


Use This Time

We should take advantage of this time to create projects that we have been wanting to work on.  Personally, I’ve chosen to utilize writing them out on the whiteboard.  What project have I been wanting to give time to that I haven’t had the chance to yet?  I'm quarantined just like everyone else.  I'm shooting this video and the audio today without Trey.  We're not even working together.  I'm seeing nobody, like we're supposed to do.

I simply can't embrace the sleep-in mentality all the way.  I am sleeping in a little bit more than normal because I'm working out outside.  If I can't work out at 4:00am with my guys, then I want to work out outside.  Working out is what I do, so if I can't choose one, I'm going to choose the other one.  Right?  I can't work out outside till it's light out, so I get a little more sleep.

 But if I can find a project, a new book, a documentary, or go on a deeper dive with a fitness subject, then I’ll absolutely get up at 3:00am.  I would look forward to it.


Figuring It Out

It's something that's both interesting and a huge challenge right now; figuring out the pattern and the project.  I want to urge all of you that maybe don't like your normal job to go try out those new projects.

Yes, there's a whole new set of challenges coming with it, with our unemployment rate and shit in the US.  No question.  But what if you woke up early with your face on fire about something you've been wanting to build?  What about if you woke up with excitement, knowing that you were going to be uninterrupted on something that you want to work on?  That's right now.


No One Knows

No one knows.  When is the next time that I'm going to be in my exact, proven pattern that has led to my success up to this point?  I can't tell you that.  You can't tell me that.  No one knows.  So, what I have to do for myself, and like I said, this is where I'm struggling at, is create that new pattern that makes me feel excited.

Now, what I am excited about is that I've been able to help a ton of people.  With my skill set with exercise, I've been able to program some exciting, hard home workouts that have helped a lot of people.  I am working on that multiple hours a day and overdelivering as much as I can.  I believe in customer service and helping people out.  People are buying supplements still because now they're so focused on their fitness.  That right there, is unbelievably exciting because now it's something that I've learned over these years that can add value to people.


Find It

I have some friends that have found some really, really good stuff they've been wanting to work on.  I can hear it through their messages and phone calls.  I can see it when I spoke to them before we were quarantined.  How excited they are that they have basically unlimited hours to work on it.  

Ask yourself: what does your new pattern look like?  Don't just sleep-in till whenever, go to bed whenever, because there's no difference between Monday and Thursday right now.  What can you do that's going to create excitement?  What can you do to create a pattern that will lend to a level of motivation that you'll be proud of at the end of this?  

As I searched, I identified a couple different things that I've been wanting to record for a while that I'm going to challenge myself to do.  I’ve been doing some writing, however, much of my creativity is derived from my schedule.  I would go through a washing machine of certain things, and then I would have a moment of clarity where shit would roll out.  Pattern and project are the key.


At the End of the Day

There are a lot of people that have been wanting to run their own business.  There are a lot of people that have been wanting to work on projects that can turn into a business, or they're passion projects that maybe you don't think it's a business but could turn into one.  Now is your time to create a pattern for that project and put some real work in it.  At the end of the day, the world is interrupted, but your pattern and project don’t have to be.


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