#200 Timelines of Accountability for Dreams & Goals


This is exactly what we do here at Max Effort and CoryG Fitness with the #IWANTABS Transformation Contest.  You have a dream.  You want to look better.  You want abs.  You have a goal.   You want to be feeling super sexy and driving this Mercedes we're giving away.  But you need the accountability, and you need the timeline.  


The Best of the Best

Just look what the GOAT did.  Arnold would set a date, get super shredded, and then go out there and win.  Not only was he heavily involved in bodybuilding and the extreme amount of discipline required to win at the highest level, but he was well versed in other areas such as real estate. 

I remember him telling me that he bought a parking lot in California back in the '70s when he was studying real estate and getting ready for Mr. Olympia.  He still owns that parking lot today and is still making a killing on it.  He saw the opportunity and captured it.


I Adopted the Structure

I was looking at what Arnold was doing.  I was looking at what Bill Phillips was doing with the Body for Life competition.  I began to orchestrate my life in much of the same way. 

Every upcoming quarter I was asking myself, “What powerlifting meet am I doing?  What bodybuilding show am I competing in?  What magazine am I going to try to shoot for?” 

I became extremely intentional about always having a goal.  A goal that I was trying to realize through accountability, discipline, and a timeline.


Let’s Talk Accountability

Think about a bodybuilding show.  You’re essentially on stage in your underwear in one of your most vulnerable states, right?  You can’t hide from anything.  What if your body fat’s not low enough, you’re not ready to shoot for that magazine, or you’re not diced enough yet? 

That’s the timeline.  That’s the accountability.  These are the powerful components that will help me make sure that I don’t eat 100,00 M&M’s or Reese’s Cups.  That I’m planning and prepping my food.  That I’m not missing my training sessions.  That I’m not missing my conditioning.



Your Version

What about your journey with the 12-Week #IWANTABS Transformation Contest?  Did you visualize yourself driving that Mercedes?  Guess what, it’s not going to happen if you skip training today.  It’s not going to happen if you stay in bed.  It’s not going to happen if you eat that pizza on Wednesday night. 

Are you one day closer or one day further from reaching your goal?


Put in the Work

And you know that else?  Sometimes you still don’t get the result you want despite putting in all the work.  But wouldn't you rather put in all the work that you could and give everything you had to give yourself the best opportunity to fucking win?  I bet the answer is Yes.

Putting in all the work means you’re not hiding from anything or anyone.  You’re saying, "Motherfucker, I put everything out I had, and this is what I got.”  


Don’t Deviate From the Plan

I think back to the only bodybuilding show that I didn’t place in.  The only one ever.  It’s because I deviated from the plan, thought I was sweet, and didn’t do what I was supposed to do.  And I didn’t place because I didn’t look good.

I walked off stage that day so mad that I hooked the shit out of a locker.  Hooked it like a heavy bag.  I’m not proud of this moment, but I was pissed.  From that moment on I vowed that I would never get beat because I was out of shape.  I would never get beat because I was soft.


Taking it Seriously

I’ve placed in every single show since.  I’ve always placed because I was shredded.  I was in shape and ready to be there because I took the timeline and accountability very serious.  It’s why I get the results that I do.

Do I like to have fun?  Yeah, in the timeframe that is appropriate.  But when you have goals or dreams, do you think 30% effort is going to get you there?  No.  We’re called Max Effort Muscle for a reason.  Max Effort is what it takes to get you where you want to go. 


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