#202 Don’t Fall Off

What happens every year at the end of January?  People fall the fuck off the wagon.  They throw in the towel on their New Years resolutions and go straight back to their old ways.  They stay the same, or they begin the downward spiral

Don’t let this be you.


I’m Warning You

The choice is 100% yours.  That’s why we have thousands of people here at Max Effort and CoryG Fitness staying on the tracks.  They aren’t falling off.  They aren’t giving in.  Don’t be a part of the high percentage of people that give up.

Keep the carrot out in front of you.  Chase the carrot, whatever that is for you.  It could be that Mercedes Benz, Rolex or Crypto we put in place for the #IWANTABS Transformation Contest, or it could be something you put in place yourself.


What’s Your Choice?

What are you going to do on the days when you don’t want to do anything?  What are you going to lean and rely on?  Identify the reason.  It could be that you want to walk your daughter down the aisle when she grows up, play with your kids as you get older, or you simply want to feel better about yourself.

What is it for you?


Aim High

Shoot high with your goals.  Let’s say you don’t win the Mercedes, but lose 30 pounds, look 10 years younger, feel better mentally, and are on track for a promotion at work?  Nothing tastes better than that.  Nothing in the short-term tastes better than the success.


What You Should vs. Shouldn’t Do

Does that pizza on Wednesday night taste better than the success?  What about happy hour after work on Thursday?  Yeah, didn’t think so.  Becoming more aware and processing your decisions in this manner changes absolutely everything.

Build the machine that’s going to be successful.

If you stay on the path, you by default are already beating the majority of people.  So, don’t be the kind of person that falls off on January 27.  The reason why I’ve experienced success in my life is because I don’t fall off.  Being consistent is the secret sauce.  Being consistent and not falling off is what allows you to be successful in the long-term.


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