#203 Attitude is on You

No one has control over this on you…

It's your attitude.  Your attitude is solely on you.   

People certainly make impressions – positive or negative – on one another.  For example, if you hang around with a person or crowd that is constantly pessimistic, then chances are you will end up being more pessimistic.  It eats and pulls at you over time if you don’t take proper action. 

Who’s ultimately in control?  You.


You Make the Choice

Be the person that walks into the room with smile.
Be the person that brings positivity into the room.

Everyone has shit going on.  Everyone has their own daily battles and struggles, but you ultimately have the choice of what attitude you’re going to put out.

Strive to see the positive.  Push forward with a mentality of “glass half full.”  Improving your perspective this way will undoubtedly make your life more enjoyable and fun.


Develop an Attractive Personality

Do people want to be around you, or are they running away?

Cultivate and develop an attractive personality.  Andrew Carnegie dropped this nugget of wisdom in one of his books that he wrote with Napoleon Hill back in the day.

People want to be around winners, not whiners.  It’s just a fact.  So, choose to be a winner.  Work on yourself daily.  Take chances and push your person boundaries and limits.  What’s going to happen you ask?

People will gravitate to you. 

They know that you’re going to win, so they want to be around you.  Not only that, but they also see that you’re actually having fun with what you’re doing.


It’s Not All Rainbows

Not every day is going to be rainbows and sunshine.  That’s just a part of being human.  But guess what?  If you can stay in the right positive headspace – due to the daily work you’re putting in – then you’ll have a high winning percentage. 

I feel blessed to get up every day to go out and do something that I love.  I love having the opportunity to potentially impact someone in a positive way.

Harness the power of your attitude so you can do great things.  


Where Are You Right Now?

Are you doing what you want to be doing right now, or are you still in the trenches?  We all have to do those things we don’t want to do in order to get to where we want to go. 

The key is to maintain a positive attitude even when you’re in the trenches.  The key is to continually work on yourself.  The key is to keep working for that next opportunity.  Don’t champion the victim’s mentality.  Not going help, not going to work.


Champion the Positive

Flip the negative to positive.  Reframe the negative and find the light of positivity.  It’s always there if you look hard enough.  Focus on the positive things in your life.  Choosing to fixate on the negatives is a choice.  And guess what?  It’s easier to do because it’s less work to complain.

What about, “How can I make myself better?”

Develop an attractive personality, work on yourself every day, and look at the glass half full rather than glass half empty. 



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