#206 Denzel Washington Wisdom

"Without commitment you'll never start, and without consistency you'll never finish."  - Denzel Washington


The #IWANTABZ Contest

That’s why we have a date.
That’s why we have a start time.
That’s why we have a last day to register.

There’s always a big rush on the last day because it’s the final day to sign up.

Then it comes down to following through. The only way to make it through is with consistency and discipline.


Create a Commitment

It doesn’t matter if you do fitness, bodybuilding, or powerlifting for a living. It’s about creating a commitment so that you will follow through and get the results you truly want.

Once you commit, then it’s time to create the system that will you get you there. Once the system is firmly in place, it comes down to being consistent and disciplined. This is what it takes.


It Just Kept Happening

It’s a whole new perspective and way of operating. It’s why we’ve put together these contests and blocks of time.

My first powerlifting meet was in 1997. That led to my second one. Then that led to signing up for my first bodybuilding show. And then another. Each competition, event, and goal I set for myself compounded on itself. Then I looked up and 15-20 years had passed by, and I was still in the trenches working on mastering my craft.


You Are in Charge

What is it for you?

Are you trying to look good at the pool? Do you have a family reunion coming up? Do you want to be healthy enough to pick up your kids?

You are in charge of creating these commitments. You. It’s your responsibility. I’m here to help you understand. I’m here to give you things to help keep you on the path. To help you stay motivated.

I’ll be your coach. I’ll do whatever I can to help you, but you ultimately need to take ownership of your commitments – plain & simple. You must have things on the calendar. You must have things that move the needle for you.

It’s time to find out what moves the needle for you.


What Can You Rely On?

Having a structure and system in place is key. These structures are what you’re going to rely on, especially on the days where you don’t want to do it. These systems will help you stay consistent. It’s all a part of the recipe.

Be honest with yourself. Start asking questions. "What's going to move the needle for me? What must be there for me to make a change? Why am I not consistent right now? What can I improve on?” 

Honest conversations with yourself are hard – even painful sometimes, but they are 100% necessary. They’re necessary because they prevent you from continuing down the same fucking road with the same results.

What’s eating and nagging away at you every day? What are you unhappy about? Only when you reach that breaking point will you commit to trying something different.

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